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Why Young Sheldon Fans Can't Help But Feel Bad For Missy

In Season 4, Episode 18 ("The Wild and Woolly World of Nonlinear Dynamics") of "Young Sheldon," Missy (Raegan Revord) is depressed after experiencing her first breakup and doesn't want to leave her bedroom. Missy attempts to put a "Do Not Enter" sign on her bedroom door, but given that she shares the room with Sheldon (played by Iain Armitage), this doesn't go over well. Sheldon comes in, and Missy erupts in anger, ripping up Sheldon's autographed photo of Professor Proton. When Mary (Zoe Perry) gets home, she doesn't bother listening to Missy's side and immediately grounds her.

After visiting Meemaw (Annie Potts) to complain, she reminds Sheldon that as her "big brother," it's his responsibility to look out for Missy. After he sees her sneaking out of the house, he follows her, and in a rare scene, the brother and sister share a bonding moment. While the episode ends positively for Sheldon and Missy, fans couldn't help but feel anger and sadness for Missy.

Viewers feel bad Mary always puts Sheldon first

Not all "Young Sheldon" fans hate Mary Cooper. Some feel that she tries hard to be there for everyone and is often betrayed or ignored by those she tries to support. Others think she's too judgemental and overbearing, forcing everyone around her to do what she wants. But most of the negativity fans feel towards Mary stems from her apparent preference for Sheldon, as seen in Season 4, Episode 18, when she immediately takes his side without asking Missy what happened. Viewers were upset that Mary seemed oblivious to her daughter's sadness and felt terrible that Mary punished her without even talking to her.

"Missy was crying this time, so that should have been a sign to Mary that there was another side to this situation," u/Nar_whally said on a "Young Sheldon" Reddit thread. "She should have apologized and tried to hear Missy's side first, or Mary should have asked George for the entire story before going in to talk to Missy."

Regardless of why Missy was upset, some viewers also think she shouldn't have ripped up Sheldon's photo, with Redditor u/jiddinja writing, "Ripping up a sibling's possessions is never justified. While I agree she often gives Sheldon the benefit of the doubt, where she's tougher on Missy and Georgie, Mary was right about laying down the law on this one."