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Who Plays KJ On Amazon Prime's Paper Girls?

Fans of Brian K. Vaughan are no doubt in a full-tilt tizz this week, because Amazon Prime Video is finally set to premiere its adaptation of the comic book legend's beloved graphic novel series "Paper Girls." Published by Image Comics between 2015 and 2019, the Eisner Award winning series follows the titular group of 1980s tweens who unexpectedly find themselves ensnared in an adventure spanning time and space as they fight to help prevent an apocalyptic future. Along the way, they encounter warring factions of time travelers, places and creatures beyond belief, and of course, future versions of themselves.

Fronting eye-popping artwork from Cliff Chiang, Vaughan's uncanny narrative ingenuity is on display throughout the entire run "Paper Girls," and will no doubt make for a riveting episodic event for Prime Video. The adventure begins Friday, July 29, and will do so fronting a cast of relative newcomers in the central roles. That includes the actor in the role of the KJ Brandman, who you may or may not recognize from prior projects. 

Here's who plays the field hockey stick wielding tween on "Paper Girls."        

Fina Strazza has booked some impressive gigs in her young career

As "Paper Girls" fans know, KJ Brandman is one of the more complex characters in the series. She's also known as the "smart one" of the group, meaning an actor capable of depicting the character's fierce internal machinations was needed for the role. That's just what the "Paper Girls" casting team found in Fina Strazza. And yes, Strazza is very aware of how important her character is to "Paper Girls" fans, recently telling Entertainment Weekly, "I wanted to make sure that I approached it very delicately and made sure it was told truthfully."

Liker co-stars, Strazza is still relatively new to the Hollywood scene. At the same time, though, she is hardly a first timer in the acting game. She made her first screen appearance in the 2014 indie "A Little Game," doing so opposite established stars like F. Murray Abraham, Olympia Dukakis, and "Cobra Kai" star Ralph Macchio. The following year, she worked with Lacey Chabert, and Mariah Carey in the Hallmark holiday flick "A Christmas Melody." Strazza has since booked a one-off gig on the political drama "Madame Secretary," and turned up as the daughter of NYPD Detective Frank Bucci (Nicholas Turturro) in a pair of unsettling "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" episodes.

Strazza was already in-demand performer before heading to the film and TV realms, however. Her big break actually came on Broadway where, in 2014, she reportedly became the youngest actor ever to play the lead in the hit musical "Matilda" (per Broadway World). Here's hoping Strazza gets a chance to show off those Broadway-approved pipes somewhere in "Paper Girls."