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The Fear The Walking Dead Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

If we've learned anything from "The Walking Dead," it's that a zombie apocalypse will bring out the worst in people. Without personal security, a regular food supply, and creature comforts like running water and 7-11s, folks are forced to get tough, get creative, or get into the business of cult leadership. And as Morgan, Dwight, and Sherry learn while traveling from Alexandria to Texas, migrating from "The Walking Dead" to "Fear the Walking Dead," the post-zombie world is populated with creeps from the east coast to the Gulf of Mexico, people who can't wait to make the End of Days even more miserable.

For those who are determined to keep calm and carry on, the zombie wasteland is survivable as long as you steer clear of mysterious helicopters and errant nukes. All you need is the right weapon and a decent squad. To find out how well you'd fare in post-apocalyptic Texas, let's take a look at which "Fear the Walking Dead" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Madison

If you came into the world under the sign of Aries between March 21 and April 19, you will fare well in the zombie apocalypse thanks to your celestial kinship with the unstoppable Madison Clark. Before the global pandemic infected everyone on the planet with the Wildfire Virus, the naturally helpful Madison worked as a high school guidance counselor, where her no-nonsense Aries approach to life was a gift to the students she worked with. Even before the End Times, Madison showed incredible strength as she worked through the pain of losing her husband and struggling with her son's addiction issues.

As a fire sign, Madison takes her problems head-on and doesn't mince words when she has an opinion, two traits that serve her well after the virus leads to the collapse of civilization. Madison seems to adapt rapidly to the post-apocalyptic zombie hellscape thanks in large part to her stern personality and natural drive to be in control, a drive that frequently positions the mom in a leadership role, whether de facto or otherwise. As an Aries, Madison is prone to making dramatic moves, from clearing out the hotel with a zombie cattle drive to apparently sacrificing herself at Dell Diamond stadium. While the last place anyone should want to be is at the business end of this ram's horns, her headstrong manner is what keeps her kids alive for far longer than they would have been otherwise.

Taurus: Wendell/Sarah

Often united in spirit and deed, the brother and sister duo Wendell and Sarah together make up one of the best characters in "Fear the Walking Dead." A Taurus (April 20 to May 20) is the ultimate shoulder to lean on, and Wendell and Sarah have been leaning on each other since birth. Brought together as babies, the cuddly Taurus pair bonded instantly and would be inseparable throughout their lifetimes and into the apocalypse. Thanks to his naturally helpful personality, Wendell would later become paralyzed while risking his life to save another boy as a child. Taureans are known for their enduring friendships and trustworthy spirits, and these reliable siblings can't help but make and keep friends wherever they travel.

Strong-minded bulls that they are, Sarah and Wendell wanted to serve in the Marines in their younger years, but when Wendell was rejected due to his disability, his sister quit on principle. For hard-working bulls, even the apocalypse can't stop them from punching a clock, and this pair is committed to living that trucker life long after the supply chain collapses.

Gemini: Dwight

Gemini fans of "Fear the Walking Dead" (those born between May 21 and June 20) share plenty of common ground with the series-hopping former villain Dwight. Dwight faces his share of trials in the post-apocalyptic world. Circumstances force him and his true love Sherry into the ranks of the Saviors, but they manage to adapt and survive. Their irrepressible good natures lead them away from Negan's cruelty and back into each other's arms — and, eventually, to a new life together in Texas.

While this air sign can function just fine on his own, Dwight has a playful side that comes out with his friends and his "honey," Sherry. Despite his troubled past, he is a naturally friendly guy whose sociable nature comes in handy, whether he's ingratiating his way into a survival bunker or befriending a retired wrestler. As a Gemini, Dwight has a wild side that he's more than happy to embrace as a Dark Horse. Founded by Dwight and Sherry, the Dark Horses act as ethical vigilantes in "Fear the Walking Dead," upholding moral values and policing post-nuke Texas.

Cancer: Luciana

One of the more compassionate spirits in the history of "Fear the Walking Dead," Luciana epitomizes the spirit of the water sign Cancer (June 22 to July 22). As the crab of the zodiac, Luci tries to protect herself by keeping up her guard, but her natural kindness and sensitivity often lead to her letting others in. Sometimes it's against her better judgment, like when she gives aid to Nick and invites him to join La Colonia. Once she has taken someone into her fold, Luciana is incredibly loyal, habitually forgiving people long after they no longer deserve her compassion. Luci's water spirit is naturally sympathetic to the plight of others and forms strong connections with children and the elderly alike.

This self-reliant crab is more than competent enough to survive on her own if need be, but she is most at home among her chosen family, of whom she is very protective. Luci adapts well to life in the apocalypse as someone who fits into whatever role she has to, leading when necessary (but never by force) and never hesitating to step forward with a weapon in hand when the circumstances call for a fight. She's also one of the few who willingly risks her health and safety at Tank Town. She knows that someone has to get the job done, and it might as well be her.

Leo: Virginia

If you unwrap your birthday gifts between July 23 and August 22, your "Fear the Walking Dead" zodiac character is Pioneer leader Virginia. Like all Leos, this ambitious survivor prefers to appear incredibly confident and manages to balance the carrot and the stick to get what she wants. And what this visionary fire sign wants is a network of highly controlled communities — as well as complete dominion over everyone and everything inside them.

With Ginny's overgrown Girl Scout aesthetic and cocky attitude, she can be a lot to handle. However, while her methods can be overbearing and even brutal, she's really just fulfilling her destiny as the lioness that she is, following her instincts as she creates a protective den for her cub, Dakota. Sure, Ginny steamrolls everyone who gets in her way, but at the end of the day, she does manage to pull off the most functional civilization in the tri-state area, and it's hard to argue with those results.

Virgo: Morgan

Earth signs who blow out their birthday candles between August 23 and September 22 share a zodiac spirit with arguably the best character in the "TWD" universe, Morgan Jones. As a Virgo, Morgan always has good intentions and enjoys helping others everywhere he goes, from Alexandria to Lawton and every place between. Like most of the survivors who manage to make it a few years into the apocalypse, Morgan has suffered tremendously and lost far too many people. With his enduring Virgo memory and his tendency to worry and ruminate, he tries to keep others at arm's length so he doesn't lose himself.

Despite all that, Morgan enjoys helping others and draws strength from his connections, which is why he always ends up developing close friendships despite his best efforts to remain a lone wolf. Once he takes someone into his chosen family, Morgan's love is a powerful force, as Grace and baby Morgan know all too well. Virgos are naturally alert with a strong sense of spatial awareness, traits that make Morgan an excellent fighter. A keen strategist, sometimes Morgan can get lost in the planning phase of an operation, which is why he is at his best when he's part of a team.

LIbra: John

With his matching pistols and natural aptitude for law enforcement, John Dorie is the Libra of the "Fear the Walking Dead" world. Libra (September 23 to October 22) is represented by the scales. Like other air signs, they need their space from time to time when life proves to be too much, and Dorie's cabin is the perfect retreat from a world of zombies and Ginny's tyrannical antics. And yet, despite his need to recharge, Dorie doesn't thrive on his own. He ultimately needs June to help bring him back to the real world.

Libras have a tendency to harbor secret pain that they keep hidden away, and Dorie suffers in silent guilt for things he can't change. As a Libra, he tends to see things that others can't and prefers to have all of the facts on the table before drawing his conclusions. It's that eye for every angle that makes him an excellent detective. Despite his incredible gunslinging skills, this cowboy is ultimately a peacekeeper, though when push comes to shove, he isn't afraid to stand up for what's right. Irresistibly charming with his Scrabble games and movie nights, Dorie is a romantic at heart and June can't help but fall for him.

Scorpio: Strand

A cheeky and oddly likable dictator in the world of "Fear the Walking Dead," Victor Strand is a stereotypical Scorpio (October 23 to November 21). The most cunning sign in the zodiac, Scorpios see the value of looking after number one, a trait Strand demonstrates from the moment he first meets Nick while imprisoned by what's left of the National Guard. Even after a Scorpio has seemingly played all of their cards, they still tend to carry an air of mystery about them and keep others guessing. Like other Scorpios, Strand is a natural at reinventing himself and does so several times throughout his lifetime, thieving his way into Thomas Abigail's heart pre-apocalypse and later becoming a genuine dictator.

Scorpios have an aggressive side that can be downright terrifying, as Madison learns when Strand abandons survivors and becomes a general menace. As is the case with his fellow scorpions, Strand is cool and stylish without trying to be ,whether he's wearing diamond cufflinks or military-inspired garb. And, like all the best "TWD" universe villains, Strand enjoys long, philosophical talks (preferably over a glass of fine scotch) and ultimately just wants to be loved.

Sagittarius: Alicia

If your birthday party falls somewhere between November 22 and December 21, your Sagittarius zodiac buddy from "Fear the Walking Dead" is Alicia. A high-schooler at the time of the Wildfire outbreak, Alicia is part of the generation that was raised by the apocalypse and has acclimated to life in the zombie wasteland fairly well. In many ways her mother's daughter, Alicia follows in Madison's footsteps and seems to shift into a leadership role no matter where her travels take her (or how reluctant she is to take on the mantle). What makes her a great leader is her natural drive to protect others, a rare trait in a world where most people are barely hanging onto their own survival.

As a Sagittarius, Alicia has a knack for overcoming obstacles. The younger Clark has a rare clarity of mind and focus and manages to keep a level head under some pretty intense circumstances. Her Sagittarian optimism is often what drives her, compelling her to keep going after the failure at the Diamond and to keep on looking for PADRE, even after she loses her arm to a zombie bite. Like the Sagittarius archer, Alicia is more than capable with a weapon, whether she's wielding a balisong, sharpened barrel shroud, or a piece of bent rebar.

Capricorn: Daniel

If you were born between December 22 and January 19, your "Fear the Walking Dead" horoscope buddy is Capricorn Daniel Salazar. When the Clarks first encounter him, it's easy to mistake him for the simple barber he pretends to be, but there's always more than meets the eye when it comes to Capricorns. Far from the simple senior he leads his daughter Ofelia to believe he is, Daniel is one of the most formidable members of Team Clark.

Growing up as a child in war-torn El Salvador, Daniel became involved with the CIA-backed pro-junta vigilante group Sombra Negra. He became a skilled fighter and torturer, talents that would serve him well in the zombie apocalypse. Understandably, with this heavy baggage in his past, the cynical Daniel takes a long time to trust new people, but once he does, his sense of duty makes him incredibly loyal to them. He's a serious man who rarely smiles, but Daniel does have a lighter side that comes out around those he loves, sometimes even singing with Grace.

Aquarius: Ted

If you're an Aquarius (those born between January 20 and February 18), we're sorry to tell you that your "Fear the Walking Dead" character is the cult leader and serial killer Theodore Maddox, or "Teddy." However, all the killing and cultish behavior aside, Teddy is an impressive individual. Aquarians are the intellectuals of the zodiac, and Teddy is a perfect example of someone who is perhaps too smart for his own good. Those born under this air sign tend to be incredibly creative. Unfortunately for everyone in his periphery, Teddy's creativity takes him down a dark path, one that passes a zombie tree en route to total madness.

Despite his disturbed and twisted state of mind, Teddy is nothing if not ambitious, and he loves onboarding new folks to his doomsday cult. He's great at thinking outside of the box and launches what is easily the best guerilla marketing campaign of the apocalypse with his "End is the beginning" graffiti. And, like every good Aquarius, Teddy always has something up his sleeve. Between stocking hidden bunkers and launching nukes, old Ted stays pretty busy for someone in his retirement years.

Pisces: Nick

If you were born under the water sign Pisces (February 19 to March 20), your "Fear the Walking Dead" kindred spirit is tortured soul, Nick Clark. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces are the romantics of the zodiac. The artistic, dreamer spirit of the Pisces is prone to fantasy and tends not to be taken seriously, even though they are often proven to be right in retrospect. This is a pattern that haunts Nick from his first encounter with a zombie in the church.

Nonjudgemental Pisces are pure of heart and just want to enjoy their lives, whether they're winning at Monopoly, picking bluebonnets, or trying to get high on brain stems. Despite Nick's generally pleasant temperament and sensitive nature, he enjoys having his freedom and gets a good deal of pleasure out of walking among the Dead while covered in zombie guts. While he can be overly needy at times, there are moments where Nick really pulls through, like when he's helping Luciana deal with the cartel or risking his life to blow up the dam.