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Fans Agree On Which South Park Character Has Changed The Most After Streaming Wars Part 2

Fans were probably very curious to know how the evil plan to replace the water with urine would be stopped in "South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2," and it's not that shocking to find out that large breast implants were the key. But that wasn't the only pleasant surprise fans were privy to when they watched the second half of the top-rated Paramount+ two-part special.

South Park was in real trouble suffering a terrible drought thanks to the efforts of ManBearPig (voiced by Matt Stone) under the orders of a villainous crazed water park owner named Pi-Pi (Trey Parker). The streaming wars that followed only furthered the chaos resulting in blackmail, kidnapping, and murder. And a lot of crypto-supporting celebrities drank an unhealthy amount of urine. It truly seemed like all hope was lost, and the core four were not the ones going to solve things this time around. That role came in the form of a very unlikely hero and a side of their character that fans haven't seen for a long time. This character, as observed by fans, happens to have changed dramatically after the events of "Streaming Wars Part 2," and here are the reasons why.

Fans loved Randy Marsh returning to his geologist roots

Even though he went full nuclear Karen, Randy Marsh (Trey Parker) surprised everyone by offering fans a refreshing hint of "South Park" nostalgia they didn't realize they had missed so much. By the end of "Streaming Wars, Part 2," the personality that saved the day reminded fans of the Emmy-winning series just how much the prominent character has changed over the years and how much they would like him to stay that way.

Randy has had many jobs over the years, but deep down, he has always been a geologist at his core. There's also the fact that Randy's first name and occupation mirror that of his voice actor's father, as noted by Rolling Stone. It's no secret that fans are not thrilled with the marijuana arc Stan Marsh's (Parker) dad has been a central part of, and some viewers expressed their relief to see him return to his scientific ways.

u/BeardedMario64 brought up the topic of Randy remembering his days of being a scientist in a discussion thread for "South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2" on Reddit. Several users mentioned how much they liked the old clips of Randy and enjoyed the "We Miss You Randy" song. u/ztrashh commented, "His first non weed obsession in years was the most wholesome thing he ever did." u/NarmHull added, "I was so happy to see that return, then sad that he had to revert yet again back to Karen Marsh and the stupid weed farm."

While many fans were upset about Randy going full Tegridy again before the end, they were generally happy to see Geologist Randy back in action in "South Park: The Streaming Wars Part 2," most assuredly with their fingers crossed it stays that way.