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Why The Ending Of South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2 Upset Fans

Paramount+ exclusive television film "South Park The Streaming Wars Part 2" picks up right where the ludicrous ending of the previous "Streaming Wars" left off -– with the town of South Park facing a major drought due to intense environmental damage caused by ManBearPig. Much of the story focuses on the absurd evil schemes of local waterpark owner Pi-Pi (voiced by Trey Parker), who plans to replace all of the water in Colorado with urine.

Meanwhile, Randy Marsh (also voiced by Parker) is attempting to provide South Park and the city of Denver with fresh water through the use of a desalination plant, a plan that eventually succeeds after he exposes Pi-Pi for using ManBearPig to facilitate the drought in the first place. Thus, the film ends with everything wrapped up quite nicely, meaning that the next episode can essentially start with a clean slate for whatever absurd storyline Matt Stone and Trey Parker can think up next. Yet, surprisingly, there is one element of this concise ending that seems to have upset fans online, and it relates to the comments made by Randy Marsh just before the credits roll.

Fans were not happy that Tegridy Farms' Randy returned

In the film's final few minutes, Linda Black (voiced by Kimberly Brooks) suggests that the townsfolk take action to prevent another environmental disaster in the future. Randy Marsh immediately rebuffs her and suggests that everybody go smoke some weed instead. This abrupt comment from Randy infuriated fans on Reddit since many fans are getting sick and tired of the "Tegridy Farms" subplot and Randy's obsession with marijuana.

"The ending really p***ed me off," wrote u/urmammafedmebacon. "I really thought Tegridy was over." u/elijazo agreed with this sentiment, saying "They are making fun of us now, they know everyone hates tegridy and they do that on purpose." Indeed, earlier in the movie Randy, essentially breaks the fourth wall by addressing his wife and telling her, "sorry about the whole weed thing," and it's implied numerous times that he is done with Tegridy and might return permanently to his former profession as a geologist.

"I wish Matt and Trey would leave tegridy weed in the past once and for all." wrote u/Burstofsunshine96. "That troll moment made my [sic] pinch my nose as if I was Stan, I'm more mad I didn't see this coming." Considering the fact that Randy's whole storyline throughout the film is simply a buildup to a weed joke that fans are sick and tired of, it's easy to see why so many people are upset by the film's ending, and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Tegridy Farms will be leaving the show any time soon.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are clearly all-in on Tegridy, and we doubt fans can change that

The fact that the film sees Randy Marsh explicitly referencing how much everyone hates his Tegridy persona indicates that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are fully aware of their fans' distaste for the character's latest arc –- and that this twist at the end is simply a tongue-in-cheek way for them to say "we don't care, Tegridy Randy is here to stay." As infuriating as this may be for the fans who despise Tegridy Farms, this film's ending honestly shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, since Stone and Parker's commitment to Tegridy has been evident for a long time.

During a 2021 interview with Bloomberg, the duo admitted that one of their future business plans involves making Tegridy Weed into a real-life cannabis brand, and around the same time were awarded "Tegridy" license plates by Colorado Gov. Jared Polis. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have never shied away from infuriating their fans for the sake of comedy, and considering the immense commitment they have to the Tegridy Farms subplot, we doubt that any fan chatter will be able to sway them.

Indeed, the almost cavalier manner in which the film insults and ridicules its own audience is essentially par for the course for the series, and despite the fan backlash, this ending highlights some of the best and worst things about "South Park" as a whole.