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Why The Big Bang Theory Fans Are Questioning Amy's Relationship With Raj

"The Big Bang Theory" may be best known for its trademark embrace of all things nerdy and scientific, but one of the biggest reasons that the show is so well-regarded is because it possesses the elusive secret sauce of a quality sitcom: an ensemble cast of loveable characters. From the inherently memeable genius Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to wannabe movie star Penny, the cast of the show is exceptionally well-rounded, giving every viewer someone that they can root for.

Having an ensemble cast also means that "The Big Bang Theory" can freely intermingle its characters and derive all sorts of comedy from how these colorful, wacky personalities collide with one another. However, though there's plenty of interesting friendships and romances to parse through between members of the central group, some fans have noticed a certain detail in the show that has them questioning the nature of the interactions between Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Raj (Kunal Nayyar).

Fans wonder why Amy is so formal with Raj

Some fans of "The Big Bang Theory" have noticed a minor detail about Amy and Raj, namely that the former always addresses the latter by his full first name, Rajesh, despite no one else doing so. In a discussion thread in the r/bigbangtheory subreddit, several users discussed why Amy would behave so formally with Raj despite the pair being in the same friend group for years. "I think the formality is part holdover from her upbringing," u/ll_Maurice_ll commented. "She likely thinks she's being more polite."

Such an explanation would line up with Amy's general characterization as a socially reserved individual who happens to have an occasional spicy quote. However, another user offered up a less savory suggestion regarding the interactions between her and Raj. "They aren't friends, they just happen to be in the same group of friends," u/Jalex2321 commented.

It's true that Amy and Raj don't seem to have as close of a friendship as the pair has with other characters. However, the cast members do appear to have a tight-knit bond in real life, as Kunal Nayyar and his fellow original castmates voluntarily took a pay cut to increase the salaries of Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch in 2017. "I'm happy to report that we have a very cohesive cast and we all know that our strength is together," Bialik told People in an interview (via Yahoo Sports). The actress added that they "all really love each other."