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Sandman's Brooding Lucifer Scene Has Fans Picking Their Jaws Up Off The Floor

Many streaming services are betting big on comic book characters and superheroes these days, and Netflix is no exception. With its high-profile adaptation of "The Sandman" series from Neil Gaiman, the streaming giant is hoping that the DC Vertigo franchise will take off big time and net them another successful series along the way.

"The Sandman" follows the King of Dreams, Morpheus (Tom Sturridge). After he is imprisoned in the Earth realm by a power-hungry sorcerer (Charles Dance), his kingdom goes to ruins. With that in mind, when Morpheus finally does escape, he must travel many layers of time and space in hopes of setting things right and regaining his lost power.

It's a highly challenging and ambitious property, but with Neil Gaiman heavily involved in the process of bringing it to life behind the scenes (via IMDb), the long-simmering adaptation might finally come to life successfully. Furthermore, fans are getting even more excited about the series with a collection of clips that Netflix has released to promote "The Sandman."

The scene nails the look and feel of the comic

One such promotional video sees Morpheus heading to the fiery depths of hell to bargain with Lucifer for a prized possession. Since Morpheus only knows that the treasure he is seeking is in the hands of a demon, he implores Lucifer Morningstar (Gwendoline Christie) to help him locate the item. Of course, Lucifer is cagey and uneager to help anyone without an endgame in mind.

Fans were blown away by the scene, which thoroughly captures the dark majesty of hell as well as the slowly growing conflict between its chief denizen and the King of Dreams. "Gwendoline Christie making the Lucifer role her own. Love her!" said one fan of the Lucifer casting on YouTube. Others had high praise for Sturridge as well. "His voice is absolutely perfect," read another comment.

In general, the response to clips of the show has been overwhelmingly positive. "This is so awesome, Netflix really wants this to be the epic fantasy," offered another fan. "Fascinating interpretation, and very imposing," responded another. If die-hard fans of Neil Gaiman's masterwork are this excited about the look and feel of the show, this response bodes pretty well for Netflix's adaptation of "The Sandman." We'll be crossing our fingers that it lives up to the hype.