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Netflix Unveils First-Look Sandman Image Of Morpheus, Lucienne, And A Desolate Dreamscape

Neil Gaiman's graphic novel "The Sandman" is as beloved as they come. Consistently ranked as one of the best graphic novels of all time, fans have been literally waiting since #75, "The Tempest," was released in March 1996 to see the epic world on the screen. A fantastical story with Dream (Morpheus) as the main character, the series is a mixture of philosophy, mythology, fantasy, horror, and superheroes. Each arc is a story that could be told on its own, but they're all part of a much more expansive universe.

There have been several attempts over the years to turn the massive series into a film or television show, but until recently, none had come to fruition. Joseph Gordon-Levitt got closer than anyone when he and "The Dark Knight" screenwriter David Goyer signed a producing deal with Warner Bros., and Gaiman came on board as an executive producer. But three years later, Gordon-Levitt left the project, which ended up falling apart (via Variety). After years of disappointment, fans have been understandably reluctant to get excited about any adaptation until they could see something concrete. 

However, that will soon change thanks to Netflix's upcoming adaptation of "The Sandman." Fans have already been treated to a tense teaser, and now, Netflix has released a new image that gives us a better look at two important characters from the series. 

Get a look at Dream and Lucienne from The Sandman

In the upcoming issue of Empire, fans will be treated to more information about Netflix's upcoming "The Sandman." The magazine even released a teaser image on their website. In it, we can see Dream (Tom Sturridge) and Lucienne (Vivienne Acheampong) standing in a desolate environment with crags and gray clouds in the background. To see the rest of the cast, which includes Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Death, and Stephen Fry as Gilbert, we'll have to wait until Netflix blesses us with more teaser images.

Although the wait for more images, trailers, and, of course, the series itself, will be difficult to endure for fans of the graphic novel, it sounds like the adaptation will be worth the wait. Neil Gaiman appears to be enthusiastic about the Netflix show, but he also warns that there will be surprises and different tones and themes from one episode to the next. "If you didn't like an episode of 'Game of Thrones,' you probably won't like any other episode of 'Game of Thrones,'" he told Empire. "With 'Sandman,' it's all about surprising you."