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Why The New She-Hulk Trailer Has Fans Buzzing About A Classic Daredevil Suit

Marvel came out swinging to San Diego Comic-Con 2022, and fans across the world have a lot to be excited about, after being gifted with dazzling teaser trailers from highly anticipated productions like "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever" and the announcement of two new "Avengers" movies. 

In that same vein, Disney+ also released another trailer for the arrival of their newest green, mean, crimefighting machine, "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law."  This second trailer gives viewers a delightful romp through the "superhero" training that Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) gives to his cousin Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), before pivoting to her post-empowered return to the legal world, while teasing the colorful cast of characters she will get to deal with along the way.

Much of those plot beats were expected, but there were a couple of surprises in this newest trailer which had fans giddy with glee. First, we see Wong (Benedict Wong) make a dramatic entrance through an interdimensional portal in order to warn Walters of what's to come. However, an even bigger reveal is saved for the very last few seconds — and it's a big nod to not just Marvel fans, but comic book fans in particular.

Matt Murdock returns as Daredevil ... in yellow

The arrival of Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in "She-Hulk" is exciting enough. However, for the few seconds he's glimpsed in the trailer, it's made clear that this isn't just any old Daredevil suit. It's a darker, grittier reimagining of the Man Without Fear's original suit from 1964. Yes, that means Matt Murdock will be decked out in yellow and black. The trailer even features the hero's original signature weapon, a cane that splits into billy clubs, holstered on each thigh. 

For now, since the trailer only panned about two-thirds of the way up his body, we don't yet know what the helmet and chest will look like. Will the character's trademark double-D logo, notably missing from his Netflix series, finally debut in the MCU? The fact that the costume was only partially revealed hasn't stopped fans from getting excited, though. Social media is abuzz about the reveal, especially on Charlie Cox's Instagram post, which features just the short clip of the suit from the end of the trailer. It received more than 22,000 views in its first hour, with fans like faithblovly glowing in the fan service, writing, "Is that the yellow in his suit??? HELL YEAH." Over on Twitter, @johnyurcaba4 celebrated the arrival of the yellow costume by proclaiming that, "God, I love #Marvel ... This is Geek Christmas."

Not everyone is psyched, however. As seen on IGN's official tweet about the costume change, some hope this will just a pitstop before he switches to a more contemporary black and red suit. One user, @elitehaxor3, tweeted "Lets hope its temporary, and he gains a new suit." That seems likely, as Marvel does switch up costumes pretty often, but for now, yellow suit fans can indulge in finally seeing a dream come true.