Black Adam Comic-Con Trailer Puts Justice Society Of America Front And Center

While Dwayne Johnson has grown into one of the biggest film stars in Hollywood, one genre he's been noticeably absent from to date has been the superhero genre. His entry into the genre, however, was first teased in 2014 when he tweeted that he had officially taken on the role of Black Adam, the notable antihero in the DC Universe who most often finds himself fighting Shazam. Subsequent announcements, however, revealed that Black Adam would make his debut in his own movie, titled "Black Adam," taking on the Justice Society of America in his first outing.

The Justice Society of America in "Black Adam" will have five members, with Kent Nelson, aka Dr. Fate, played by Pierce Brosnan. The team will also consist of Hawkman (aka Carter Hall) is portrayed by Aldis Hodge, and Atom Smasher (known in human form as Al Rothstein) is played by Noah Centineo. Rounding out the group is Cyclone (aka) Maxine Hundell, who is played by Quintessa Swindell, as well as Isis (aka Adrianna Tomaz), played by Sarah Shahi.

At the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, Warner Bros. released a new trailer for the film during their theatrical presentation. It's the second "Black Adam" trailer fans have been treated to in recent months. This time, audiences get new footage that provides the best look yet at the film's version of the JSA.

The JSA take on Black Adam with varying degrees of success

The "Black Adam" Comic-Con trailer begins with a voiceover of the titular antihero declaring, "My powers are not a gift, but a curse, born out of rage," in what appears to be a clear differentiation from the fellow DCEU character Shazam (Zachary Levi). In another trailer shot, Dr. Fate (Brosnan) takes off his golden helmet to and transforms back into Kent Nelson. In a voiceover, Dr. Fate speaks to Black Adam, telling him that he believes he is not worthy, but that he "has two parts," before reiterating that Black Adam could either save the world or destroy it.

As Dr. Fate talks, we get a quick shot of him in full costume as a jet flies overhead. Then we see Cyclone in action, throwing rods in rapid succession at Black Adam in an attempt to cage him in. In another shot, several copies of Dr. Fate attempt to similarly hem Black Adam in as he reaches out past them, using lightning to stop a car that's been thrown at him. We also get a quick look at the Justice Society of America in a jet, with Al Rothstein in the foreground, out of costume. We also see Black Adam stare down two helicopters in the air before we get a look at Kent Nelson getting his visions by placing his hands over the helmet. We also get a quick shot of Adrianna Tomaz, in the midst of some wreckage, looking in shock and horror at Black Adam before Atom Smasher recoils from an explosion behind him.

As Black Adam ominously declares, "The world needed a hero, instead it got me," we round out the trailer with Hawkman attacking Black Adam solo, launching at him with his mace. Black Adam catches the mace, then throws Hawkman backward with another lightning strike.

"Black Adam" will be in theaters on October 21.