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Young Sheldon Star Montana Jordan Reveals His Favorite Part About Playing Georgie

Montana Jordan originally got into acting when he was cast as Jaden in the 2018 Jody Hill movie "The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter" (via CBS). However, he earned the part of Georgie, Sheldon Cooper's (Iain Armitage) scrappy older brother, on the hit sitcom "Young Sheldon" in 2017 before the film was even released. Jordan confessed to Glitter Magazine that he ultimately stumbled into his current career as an actor. "I was living my 12-year-old life when my mom brought up the idea of potentially starring in a film, and the rest is history," he recalled.

He lucked out though, as "The Big Bang Theory" spinoff prequel became a big hit, and has just begun its 6th season on air. Jordan explained that when he read the part of Georgie, "I thought I was reading an autobiography. I played football, and I always got in trouble for having a messy room. I mean, I could sit here and name 100 things that me and Georgie have in common."

However, there is one thing Jordan loves about the character that isn't true to life for him.

Unlike Georgie, Montana Jordan is the youngest in his family

Unlike Georgie, who is the older brother of Sheldon and his sister Missy (Raegan Revord), in reality, Montana Jordan is the youngest child in his family. As he revealed to Glitter, Jordan loves playing Georgie because it allows him to experience how it feels to be a powerful older sibling: "I have two older sisters in real life, so I was always the youngest with them picking on me, but oh, how the tables have turned for this project. Missy and Sheldon better watch out," he said.

Much like being the oldest is often challenging, being the youngest in the family can be frustrating. It's obviously extremely fun to act out the fantasy of getting to pick on your younger siblings if you've never gotten the chance to. But Jordan also emphasized in a CBS interview after "Young Sheldon" was renewed for three more seasons how much he loved making the show as well. The teen actor told Matt Weiss regarding the news, "It's nice to have such an amazing onset family and be able to feel comfortable with spending three more years with them and even more after that, maybe."