Here's When Young Sheldon Fans Hope The Show Will End

"Young Sheldon" has a sketchy recollection of Sheldon Cooper's upbringing at times. For example, "The Big Bang Theory" led us to believe that Billy Sparks (Wyatt McClure) was one of Sheldon's childhood bullies. The prequel series, meanwhile, depicts Billy as a kind-hearted friend to the child genius. Elsewhere, "Young Sheldon" sends our mighty little man to college during a different time period than the period adult Sheldon mentioned on "The Big Bang Theory" — and it's not in Sheldon's DNA to ever get his dates wrong. What gives?

Of course, most of these plot inconsistencies are forgivable and easy to overlook as they don't detract from viewers' enjoyment of either sitcom. That said, fans of "Young Sheldon" hope the series ends before it has the chance to rewrite history for one of the most significant — and upsetting — events of Sheldon's life. Furthermore, the event itself might be too distressing for some of the show's most diehard aficionados to deal with.

Young Sheldon fans hope the series ends before George Sr. passes away

One of the biggest accomplishments of "Young Sheldon" has been its ability to make viewers sympathize with Sheldon's long-deceased old man, George Sr. (Lance Barber). "The Big Bang Theory" led everyone to believe that he was an adulterous alcoholic. But it turns out that he's actually a decent fella who loves his wife and kids. As such, some fans on the "Young Sheldon" subreddit don't want to see him pass away.

With Sheldon set to leave for college, the family patriarch's demise in the timeline is looming closer. According to a Redditor by the name of u/what_the_whattup, the series should end with George Sr. alive and well. "Honestly, I hope they end it right before George Sr. dies and it's just told in the narration because that's gonna mess me up," they wrote.

For u/sweetnsassy924, the series should mention the character's death, though they'd prefer it if the event wasn't shown on the screen. "Maybe end it how they ended The Wonder Years. Adult Sheldon is at his graduation from college and narrates what happened from then, saying how right after his dad died and his life changed," they suggested.

George Sr.'s death has already been teased on Young Sheldon

Unfortunately, fans of "Young Sheldon" might need to brace themselves for George Sr.'s death playing out before their eyes. Raegan Revord, who plays George's daughter, Missy, on the series, pretty much confirmed the news on Twitter earlier this year. Responding to a fan who brought up the character's inevitable demise, the actress revealed that she isn't looking forward to the heartbreaking moment. "I'm already destroyed and it hasn't even happened yet," she wrote.

George Sr.'s death has already been teased on "Young Sheldon" as well. At the start of Season 5, he was rushed to the hospital after collapsing unexpectedly. While he made a speedy recovery, it's clear that the character's health is in decline, so the notion of him passing away in an upcoming episode isn't entirely far-fetched.

It'd be strange for "Young Sheldon" to continue without George Sr. At the same time, exploring how Sheldon's family process the tragedy could be an interesting storyline. Until now, we've had to trust adult Sheldon's recollection of the events, and we all know that he's a flawed narrator at times.