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The Fringe Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What makes a person unique? Is it the precise genetic composition imprinted in every cell of their being, or the butterfly effect rippling through their lifetime moment by changing moment? This idea of nature versus nurture is one of the central themes of the beloved sci-fi series "Fringe," in which one man's drug-addled forays into the fringes of scientific possibility rip a hole in the fabric of spacetime. As a result, the show's central characters are faced with alternate versions of themselves.

Between searching for the perfect strawberry milkshake ingredients and tripping on homemade drugs, Walter Bishop (John Noble) finds himself faced with the messy consequences of his own weird science, along with the realization that one simple choice can change everything. "Fringe" asks some big questions and contains a cast of interesting characters. Let's take a closer look at which "Fringe" character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Nina Sharp

As the first sign in the zodiac with a birthday falling between March 21 and April 19, your Aries spirit identifies with Massive Dynamic HBIC Nina Sharp. With her vivid red hair and black power suits, Nina Sharp's commanding presence and no-nonsense attitude make her one of the more intimidating and enigmatic characters in the "Fringe" prime and alternate universes. Incredibly ambitious Aries that she is, Nina takes on challenges head-on and is willing to do whatever it takes to promote the best interest of Massive Dynamic whether it's secretly keeping the body of Agent Scott for questioning, secretly assembling the Machine, funding the terrorist ZFT, or offering Agent Olivia Dunham a job she doesn't want. Like other Aries, Nina is often the smartest person in the room, which is why she surrounds herself with her super smart Harvard buddies Walter Bishop and William Bell.

The dynamic Nina sees life's hurdles as only minor setbacks at best, and it's easy to see why when she's surrounded by people who can make the impossible possible – like when Belly gives her an advanced cybernetic arm to replace the limb she lost when Walter opened a portal to the other universe. Although her motives can often be difficult to understand, she is also capable of great sacrifice and compassion like when she adopts Rachel and Olivia in the alternate timeline or sacrifices herself for the resistance against the Observers in the Observer-ruled future.

Taurus: Walter Bishop

If you dig into your birthday cake between April 20 and May 20, your "Fringe" character is snack-loving mad scientist Walter Bishop. The becardiganed genius may be able to open up portals between universes, but, ultimately, this gentle spirit is just a curious earth sign at heart. As a Taurus, Walter is a homebody who enjoys life's simple pleasures. Walter is also frequently unwilling or unable to leave his comfort zone in the lab. While his mind dwells in the realm of extreme possibility and fringe science, Walter feeds his senses with a fantastic record collection, his favorite foods, and plenty of recreational drugs. He's entertained by the little things in life like the Clapper he turns his lab lights on with or the green unicorn he's pretty sure he saw racing across the lab while high on LSD.

That being said, Walter's strong-minded nature can get him into trouble, which is exactly how he ended up punching a hole between universes and causing irreparable damage that cost an untold number of lives. He can also be cruel at times, like when he calls his lab assistant Dr. Warren a "sanctimonious Southern preacher" and endangers both universes because it suits his bullish will. Like a true Taurus, Walter maintains only a few close and personal relationships, but they are important to him and help keep him mentally well. His love of snacks can also border on gluttony, with Walter eating Red Vines while conducting forensics on a corpse, checking out food at crime scenes, and asking for food during investigations at completely inappropriate times.

Gemini: Peter Bishop

Parallel universe travelers who blow out their birthday candles between May 21 and June 21 share their Gemini spirits with Peter Bishop. Charismatic Peter charms Olivia, Fauxlivia, and quite a few other women during his adventures with the Fringe Division. But, like his Gemini kindred, Peter can often end up using humor and sarcasm as a crutch, especially when he makes offhand comments about his father to cope with the pure absurdity of his situation. He can also talk his way out of almost any situation, whether he's schmoozing shopkeepers or conning wealthy businessmen out of massive sums of money.

Ruled by Mercury, this air sign is naturally independent, quickly bored, and drawn to excitement. Like his dads Walter and Walternate, Peter is as brainy as they come with a 190 IQ and a fluent understanding of eight languages. But, unlike his dads, he's also incredibly down-to-earth and approachable. Although his Gemini spirit has a loner side, he is a devoted lover once he connects with the right person, and (as both Olivia and Fauxlivia can attest to) he is playful, sweet, and a pretty decent kisser. He's also not afraid to knock the science out of anyone who screws with his loved ones.

As a Gemini, one of Peter's best traits is his capacity for resilience. This adaptable nature comes in handy when he learns he's from another universe and again when he finds himself out of sync with the world.

Cancer: Lincoln Lee

Born between June 22 and July 22, Cancers are the most introspective sign of the zodiac, and Lincoln Lee is no exception. Like Olivia, Charlie, and Astrid, Lincoln is drawn to the FBI agent life in both universes, but it's one of the only similarities he bears with his alternate universe counterpart, despite having a nearly identical personal history. This is a fact that Prime Lincoln finds himself puzzling over. But, while his looks and his levels of confidence may vary between universes, the heart of who Lincoln is as a person is essentially the same in both realities.

As a water sign, Cancers can be pretty sensitive, a trait that Lincoln demonstrates in both universes as a protector to all around him and a fierce friend. Cancers also tend to take on the problems of others without question, something Lincoln demonstrates in his eagerness to jump into Peter and Olivia's investigation of the prime universe "stowaway." And in both worlds, the adorable Lincoln can't help but fall for Olivia — even if it's the wrong Olivia. Both Lincolns also exhibit crab-like tenaciousness in their work with the FBI and Fringe Division, never giving up.

Leo: Charlie Francis

If you were born under the sign of Leo with a birthday falling between July 23 and August 22, your "Fringe" counterpart is agent Charlie Francis. While he might seem like your typical strong and silent type at first glance, Charlie is actually a complex man who epitomizes the concept of healthy masculinity.

Like most of the FBI agents Olivia crosses paths with, Charlie is naturally drawn to excitement. As a fire sign, he prefers to be in control, something he realizes he has little of after he first encounters the Pattern. "How are we supposed to protect people when corporations have higher security clearances than we do?" he complains.

Despite a personality Olivia describes as "gruff," Charlie can be incredibly sensitive, reassuring Olivia during her first week on the job and after she loses John. And, like his fellow Leos, he has a natural and disarming sense of humor with the people he cares about most.

Virgo: Phillip Broyles

Those born under the sign of Virgo (August 23 to September 22) share a zodiac sign with Special-Agent-in-Charge Phillip Broyles. As a Virgo, Broyles can seem very stern and critical, but everything he does is in the best interest of his agents and the Fringe Division. Earthy Virgos are conscientious souls who will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means bending the rules as Broyles does when he helps Olivia get Walter Bishop out of the institution.

A master of the art of subtlety, Broyles is adept at conveying information without stating it explicitly (unless it's absolutely necessary to do so), and his Virgo mind has a solution for every problem the Fringe team faces. While he can seem a bit aloof at times, it's only because Broyles understands the value of holding his cards close to his chest and never overplaying his hand, especially when he's interacting with Nina Sharp and the Pattern Oversight Committee.

Libra: Olivia Dunham

If your birthday falls between September 22 and October 23, that means you're a Libra and your "Fringe" character is the tenacious FBI agent Olivia Dunham. After a traumatic childhood, Olivia tries to move on with her life, but the past always haunts her. Like all the Cortexiphan kids, Olivia physically protects herself by dressing in simple gray and black so she can blend in without drawing too much attention. She also protects herself by putting up emotional fences, keeping others at arm's length until she completely trusts them.

Even though she has trouble letting people into her life, this water sign is a sensitive soul who is very protective of her loved ones and of anyone who needs help. Like all Libras, Olivia might seem a bit quiet on the surface, but underneath she is hiding incredible strength and abilities: She's a good fighter, she's handy with a gun, and Olivia has a remarkable ability to remember numbers. She also has powers of pyrokinesis and telekinesis, as well as the ability to travel between worlds, even if she sometimes needs a little help to do it. Olivia also has a domestic side that just wants to spend time hanging out with her loved ones or chilling with Peter over drinks at a bar.

Scorpio: Walternate

If you break out your favorite party outfit between October 23 and November 21 each year, your "Fringe" zodiac character is the sinister Walternate. Why? Because Scorpios are known as the sign that should never be crossed. Their revenge can be malicious, calculated, and intense, something Prime Walter learns when the entire universe becomes the target of Walternate's vengeful wrath. Walternate is utterly ruthless in his resolve. His sadistic plans even include killing Olivia after using her to cross over to the prime universe.

While he tends to appear cool and in control, under the surface, Walternate is a bubbling pool of rage. But, if traveling across dimensions and timelines has taught the Fringe Division anything, it's that everyone is a product of their circumstances. With no Peter or Belly around to soften his edges, Walternate becomes the worst version of himself.

As a Scorpio, Walternate is highly intelligent and shrewd but ruled by his emotions, which tend to run pretty deep. He also has a natural tendency to be obsessive. He exudes Scorpio power and perseverance, traits that lead him all the way to a political role as the United States Secretary of Defense.

Sagittarius: Belly

"Fringe" fans who celebrate their birthdays between November 23 and December 22 identify with fellow Sagittarian William Bell, known fondly as Belly to his former bestie and occasional frenemy Walter Bishop. As college buds back in the 1970s, Belly and Walter redefined the meaning of the term "shenanigans," engaging in countless LSD-fueled fringe science experiments together after becoming lab partners. He's a perfect match for Walter since, as a Sagittarius, Belly is a natural explorer who can't help but indulge his scientific curiosity. Whether he's in the lab or exploring the alternate universe, Belly is a highly capable scientist with the confidence to match, confidence that leads him to tremendous wealth and success as the head of Massive Dynamic.

While Walter might doubt Belly's motives at times, his moves are generally efforts to clean up his friend's messes. Sailing through obstacles is second nature to Sagittarians. And while Belly isn't afraid to push boundaries to find out just how far is too far, he's also willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Belly even sacrifices himself to help Team Prime return home and does so again to let Olivia have her body back after inhabiting her with soul magnets.

Capricorn: Astrid Farnsworth

Those who celebrate their birthday between December 22 and January 19 are among the most competent in the zodiac and will no doubt find a great deal in common with FBI junior agent Astrid Farnsworth. Often the most responsible and focused person in the lab, Astrid is willing to do whatever it takes to assist Olivia in her Fringe Division duties. As a Capricorn, Astrid is generally polite despite Walter's often obnoxious behavior, regularly putting up with his lack of respect and graciously accepting Walter babysitting duties.

Incredibly hard-working and qualified, Astrid navigates the strange and grotesque with consummate professionalism. But, despite her politeness, she isn't afraid to speak up when she doesn't agree with something. This comes in handy when she's putting up boundaries with Walter, whether she's saying no to brushing Gene the Cow's teeth or refusing to let the scientist blow up more fruit.

Astrid is highly organized and focused, traits that help her learn to speak five languages fluently and major in both music and linguistics with a minor in computer science. She's also one of the most even-tempered members of the team, even keeping her cool after Walter drugs her to abscond with his "can of magic space soup." She forgives, but she doesn't forget, another surefire sign of a Capricorn.

Aquarius: Fauxlivia

If your birthday presents arrive between January 20 and February 18 each year, your "Fringe" character is Fauxlivia. Unburdened by the troubled childhood that plagues Prime Olivia, Fauxlivia is lighter and happier than her counterpart. She has a quirky, whimsical side, as shown when she jokes with her partners and in her self-referential ringtone, "Science Fiction/Double Feature" from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

While Prime Olivia prefers to blend in with her grays and blacks, Fauxlivia is a flamboyant redhead who loves to stand out. She's great at everything she does, whether it's winning an Olympic medal for marksmanship or pulling one over on the Bishops. As a super secret Walternate plant in the Harvard lab, Fauxlivia is able to remain focused and emotionally detached — at least until she realizes she's developing feelings for Peter. And, like other Aquarians, Fauxlivia has a tough time understanding those feelings. She's also fiercely loyal to her side and to Secretary Bishop, believing and obeying his plan right up until he turns on her.

Pisces: September the Observer

Those who celebrate their big day between February 19 and March 20 will relate to everyone's favorite Observer, September. He's a mystical and ageless being who defies all societal norms, especially when those societal norms involve burger toppings. Pisces are water signs, which is why it's fitting that Walter first meets September when the latter saves the Bishops from drowning in Reiden Lake after Walter's fateful trip to steal Peter from the alternate universe. As a Pisces, September spends his life watching for signs.

Observers are not limited by the boundaries of spacetime, and September is no exception, popping up throughout history and scribbling his observations down in his notebook. He also bears the characteristic Observer trait of blending in without drawing attention to himself, which allows him to move around without getting noticed by most people. But, unlike his fellow Observers, and despite being bioengineered for detachment, September is a kind soul, going out of his way to help the Bishops, overthrow the Observer occupation, and protect his son Michael.