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Easter Eggs You Missed In Resident Evil Season 1

Netflix's adaptation of the survival horror game series "Resident Evil" takes viewers into an original story set within the games' canon that's split between two timelines: One that follows Umbrella scientist Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) and his two daughters Jade (Tamara Smart) and Billie (Sienna Agudong), and another that follows an older Jade (Ella Balinska) surviving a future apocalypse. The series attempts to be a culmination of the action and horror of "Resident Evil" within its mysterious new story and while it isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea, it does deliver plenty of Easter eggs for fans to find.

Although this series' story doesn't completely grab a lot from the game lore, it does feature plenty of callbacks, connections, and references to the games that "Resident Evil" fans will easily enjoy. From the return of classic "Resident Evil" enemies to homages of memorable moments from the games, this series does celebrate the games it's based on. Some of those nods are pretty subtle, though, so let's look at some Easter eggs from Netflix's "Resident Evil" that fans might've missed.

The daughter of an Umbrella OG

Jade and Billie aren't the only ones who share blood with some of Umbrella's original founders: Wesker's colleague and Umbrella's CEO in the past timeline, Evelyn Marcus (Paola Nunez), is the daughter of former Umbrella founder James Marcus. Along with Edward Ashford and Oswald E. Spencer, James Marcus founded Umbrella and was one of the chief scientists in creating the original T-Virus before being assassinated by Spencer.

Most fans likely remember seeing Marcus as the main antagonist of "Resident Evil 0" where he caused a lot of trouble for protagonists Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen and grossed players out with his leech obsession and transformation. Like her father, Evelyn is a classic "Resident Evil" villain whose hunger for power leads to devastating consequences for the entire world. She's calculated, cunning, and shares a complex relationship with Wesker, which is fitting considering that Wesker had a hand in her father's death in the games.

Revving up a classic RE4 enemy

"Resident Evil 4" is a fan-favorite entry for many reasons. Its main protagonist Leon embodies the term badass throughout, the enemies are some of the most horrific and memorable of the franchise, and it's fun as hell. It's why fans are excited for the remake of "RE4" that looks to add some nuanced horror and gorgeous graphics as Capcom resurrects a classic, so it's great to see the Netflix series pay homage to "RE4" by bringing back one of its most memorable enemies.

Fans of "RE4" certainly remember walking into the opening village and being attacked by a chainsaw-wielding Ganado who could tear Leon's head off with one swing. Well, Jade comes across a similar enemy when she's captured by the Brotherhood. The bag-headed exterior of the chainsaw soldier clearly looks just like the one from "RE4" and he's just as gruesome — we see him shred one of Umbrella's soldiers, spraying blood everywhere.

Three times the fun

The "Resident Evil" games have put plenty of memorable weapons in the hands of players to defeat enemies. From rocket launchers that have decimated some of the most fearsome bosses in franchise history to some powerful magnums that have blown heads clean off with one bullet, "Resident Evil" can give players quite an arsenal to work with — they even let players control a space laser during the Excella boss fight in "Resident Evil 5." The Netflix series brings one of "RE5's" most notable guns to life, albeit only quick enough for fans to spot for a hot second.

The Hydra is a triple-barreled shotgun from "RE5" that's become a notable fan favorite for its raw power and ability to blow a hole clean through enemies while also sending them flying backwards. In Episode 3 of the series, viewers can spot the gun in the apocalypse timeline, wielded by a burly cohort of Jade's until he's killed by a giant spider. It's a shame that we don't really get to see it much in action, but just seeing those three loaded barrels is nostalgic enough.

Reminiscent of the Red 9

As said before, "Resident Evil's" weapon selection has always been very diverse and remains memorable. The Netflix series' depiction of the Hydra is incredible, but it's not the only gun that gets some love. In Episode 4, as Jade comes face to face with the Chainsaw Man, Umbrella member Baxter (Turlough Convery) comes to her rescue with a swift headshot that puts the psychopath down. Eagle-eyed fans might notice that the gun he's using is the Red 9 pistol from "Resident Evil 4."

Its slim barrel and long-hanging ammo clip make it instantly distinguishable and a great nod for super fans who love the pistol. Its strong accuracy, unique reload animation, and general reliability make it an instant classic for "Resident Evil" and it's also one of the only pistols in the game that can be improved with attachments. It's the most powerful pistol in "RE4" and is used by protagonist Leon as well as supporting character Luis Sera.

A familiar moonlight tune

During a scavenger hunt that Wesker sends Billie and Jade on in Episode 5, the pair use a song that their father would play to them for comfort to get another clue. The song they play on the piano might just seem like an ordinarily sad and foreboding song to those unfamiliar with the games, but for fans it's instantly recognizable: It's Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata," a piece of music constantly heard through the "Resident Evil" games, first used in "Resident Evil 1."

In the original game, players are forced to find music sheets and play "Moonlight Sonata" so they can open a secret door in the Spencer Mansion. A fun fact in the moment is that it actually plays out differently based on which character players choose to play as. If you play as Jill Valentine, you can simply play it once you've collected the sheets, but if you're playing as Chris Redfield, you'll need the help of ally Rebecca Chambers since Chris can't play the piano. In the Netflix series, Jade and Billie might not open some secret door from playing "Moonlight Sonata," but they do find a secret note hiding under one of the piano keys.

A safe space and a typewriter

Episode 4 features some of the Netflix series' most chaotic horrors and really drives Jade to the edge as she's forced to fight and flee from a large group of zombies. She's eventually able to escape to a barricaded room where she's able to get a moment of solace so she can talk to her family. It's an emotional moment for Jade that allows her to momentarily rest after an immense amount of danger, but it also acts as a nod to the games.

In most of the "Resident Evil" games, there are small hideaway rooms where players can catch their breath and save their game. Well, this moment for Jade is exactly that, as the door looks incredibly reminiscent of the safe room doors in "Resident Evil 7" and you can even see an old typewriter in the frame, just like the ones you would see in the games. Typewriters were often the way that players would save their progress in "Resident Evil" until they were traded out for cassette tape players in "RE7." Fun fact: In most of the "Resident Evil" games prior to "Resident Evil 4," players would need to find an ink ribbon to save their games, otherwise they couldn't save at all — adding another horrifying layer to the experience. 

A new master of unlocking

 When "Resident Evil" debuted in 1996, many enjoyed the survival horror atmosphere but loved the cheesy lines even more, especially when they came from Barry. Lines like "You almost became a Jill sandwich" and "You, the master of unlocking" have become beloved memes and fans love to look back on the cheesiness of the old games. Believe it or not, one of those lines ends up making an appearance in the Netflix series.

As Baxter and Jade are breaking out of their cells after the Brotherhood captures them, Baxter refers to himself as the "master of unlocking" as he starts to pick the lock to their cell. It's a clear nod to the original game when Jill's title was given to her by Barry. If Baxter was a more enjoyable character, the line could've been more satisfying, but it's still a great callback that fans will love.

That dog's name sounds familiar

Jade and Billie bring their beloved dog Pablo into their new home as a way to feel comfortable in their unfamiliar surroundings. In the series, Pablo actually has a pretty important moment when Billie takes him for a walk and he starts to growl at her, detecting that she's infected. It's a moment that eventually shows Billie's growing rage and power at she gives a guy a bloody nose. Pablo the dog could easily just be a simple animal sidekick, but his name is likely an interesting callback to Wesker in the original 1996 game.

Wesker's voice actor in the original "Resident Evil" was Pablo Kuntz, and the family dog being named Pablo can't be a coincidence. It's clearly a nod to the actor who first gave us Wesker's voice. After Kuntz, voice actors Richard Waugh and D.C. Douglas have taken over voicing the character through all his appearances in the sequels, remakes, and spinoffs of the "Resident Evil" franchise.

Resident Evil's rogues' gallery returns

While zombies are generally the main threat of "Resident Evil," fans have really come to love all the other mutated creatures that have been absolute terrors in the series from the start. The Netflix series brings some of them to life and fans will be very pleased to see some of the franchise's most memorable creatures get the full horror treatment. Right in the premiere episode, we see Jade and Billie fend off a ravenous Cerberus dog that hunts them down and eventually bites Billie.

Episode 3 delivers some of the most notable enemies, with Jade coming across Lickers and a gigantic spider in the apocalypse storyline. Introduced in "Resident Evil 2," Lickers are some of the most feared enemies in the franchise, as their ability to cling onto walls and suddenly rush you creates some of the scariest moments in the history of the series. Later in the same episode, Jade also comes across a giant spider that gives off the same vibes as the giant tarantulas you see in "Resident Evil 1." With the series touching on plenty of classic "Resident Evil" enemies in its first season, who knows? Maybe we'll see Hunters make a return in a future season.

Umbrella's got a HUNK

In some archival footage of an incident in Tijuana and in flashbacks to before the series' events, fans will notice that Umbrella's security team is dressed in a familiar way. The soldiers' gas masks and red eyes are incredibly reminiscent of fan favorite character HUNK, who in the games is a special operator of Umbrella known for his ability to survive any situation and be ruthless in his tactics. HUNK has never been a main character in any of the "Resident Evil" games, but has significant roles in some side modes.

Fans know HUNK as the "Fourth Survivor" of Raccoon City as he was given a secret game mode in "Resident Evil 2" that sees him run and gun his way to safety against hordes of zombies. HUNK's Fourth Survivor mode made a return in the 2019 remake of "RE2," and the character also appeared in "Resident Evil 4's" Mercenaries Mode, where players survive against the clock while dealing with an endless stream of enemies. He also made a brief appearance in the generally maligned spinoff "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" and again in "Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D" as a playable character. To this day, HUNK's identity is still unknown; given his skills, he could still be around in the Netflix series' timeline.

A horrifying reflection

The Netflix series mirrors a memorable scare from the 2020 "Resident Evil 3" remake — ironically in Episode 3, when Billie looks into her mirror and sees a zombified, blood-soaked version of herself. It's one of the episode's creepiest moments because it shows how bad Billie's infection is becoming, and is a callback to a horrifying vision that Jill has at the start of the "RE3" remake.

In an opening dream sequence, Jill finds herself stumbling around her apartment until she eventually gets into her bathroom to see her reflection slowly zombifying. It's a grotesque sequence that shows how haunted Jill is from the events of "Resident Evil 1" and leads to a tense moment that leaves you holding your breath. It's one of the best new additions the remake offers and with Jill eventually becoming infected, it's perfectly foreboding and fitting for Billie, given how she struggles with her growing infection.

Familiar face or rather faces

Billie and Jade's scavenger hunt in Episode 5 eventually leads them to a video of Wesker and an unnamed Umbrella agent stumbling upon a monstrous experiment. Wesker calls out to it with the name Lisa and when the creature comes out of the shadows, fans will undoubtedly see that this is Lisa Trevor, a very pivotal character in "Resident Evil" lore who's introduced in the first game.

Trevor lived most of her life as Umbrella's main test subject for all their experiments, including the early forms of the T-Virus, after she and her family were abducted. Her appearance is absolutely skin-crawling, as the tests have mutated her body to disturbing lengths and her face is covered by the flesh of her deceased family. In the first game, Trevor's horrific cries can be heard throughout the Spencer Mansion and she ends up being a pretty tough boss who can even end up killing Barry if players choose not to have Jill give him his gun back.

The return of a beloved femme fatale?

In the final episode, young Jade is given a message from her father to seek help from an old friend — and the name on the message is one that fans are always happy to see. It seems as if Jade and Billie will be heading to Japan to get help from Ada Wong, an anti-hero in the "Resident Evil" franchise. Although mentioned by name in the first game, Ada doesn't appear until the second game where she's a femme fatale for protagonist Leon, beginning her eventual legacy of playing both sides.

Most of the time, like in "Resident Evil 4," Ada is a mercenary for hire for Wesker and usually has her own agenda. When she's not having a flirtatious relationship with Leon, she's kicking ass with her incredible combat skills and swift mobility. Given that Wesker and Ada have a past working relationship, albeit a complicated one, it would be interesting to see Ada in a more prominent role for the Netflix series. Fans would certainly be okay with it.

Evelyn's special experiment

The final episode of "Resident Evil" Season 1 sees Evelyn show Wesker a special project she's been working on that's eerily reminiscent of a key reveal from the first game. There aren't any specific details given about exactly what her experiment is, but we do see that it's a mutated man inside a tank with some sharp claws growing out of his fingers. While there's no name given to it, the look of the tank definitely gives off vibes of Tyrant from "Resident Evil 1."

In "RE1," after Wesker gives a big villain speech in front of a tank holding a mutated creature called Tyrant, whose one arm is filled with spikes, he's killed by the creature with a vicious stab. With this history and the scene looking just like the one from the game, this has got to be — at the very least — a nod to Tyrant, and those spiky fingers are likely the start of his signature mutation.