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Alicia Vikander's Update On Her Tomb Raider Sequel May Worry Fans

The "Tomb Raider" games are some of the most popular and recognizable to ever reach home consoles, and for good reason. Going on perilous journeys as the fearless Laura Croft in search of artifacts and trinkets lost to time is the stuff action-adventure video games are made of. Of course, with such a thrilling premise and an iconic main character, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the franchise has jumped to the big screen on a handful of occasions over the years — some of these attempts finding far more success than others.

The first attempt to bring "Tomb Raider" into live-action at the movies came in 2001 in the form of "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider." While not the most critically celebrated video game adaptation out there, the Angelina Jolie-led film did well enough to score itself a sequel two years later. "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider – The Cradle of Life" didn't perform much better than its predecessor, however, thus putting the series on ice. Croft wouldn't return to the cinema until 15 years later, played by Alicia Vikander in the "Tomb Raider" reboot from Warner Bros.

It didn't turn out to be a massive hit, but "Tomb Raider" did better with critics and fans than the films that came before it. Therefore, is the long-dormant sequel still on the way? Here's what Vikander had to say on the subject.

The Tomb Raider sequel is in an odd spot at the moment

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly about her HBO series "Irma Vep," Alicia Vikander provided an interesting update on the "Tomb Raider" sequel. "I think Misha and I have been ready, so it's kind of in somebody else's hands, to be honest," she said of herself and Misha Green of "Lovecraft Country" fame, who signed on to write and direct the second film back in January of 2021. Vikander also mentions Amazon's buyout of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer may have played a role in the stall in the continuation's development, but there's no way to know for certain if this is the case until someone from either company clarifies.

As far as sequel updates go, this isn't a great one, especially for those hoping to see where Alicia Vikander's Lara Croft will go next. One can only hope that "Tomb Raider 2" eventually sees the light of day and doesn't end up on the chopping block like the third installment in the former "Tomb Raider" continuity. Not long after the release of "The Cradle of Life," Angelina Jolie told the World Entertainment News Network (via IGN) that she had no plans of returning to the Croft character. "I just don't feel like I need to do another one," she said, expressing her happiness with the second movie and her time in the role. With that, "Tomb Raider 3" was no more.

Compared to Jolie after her second outing as Lara Croft, Alicia Vikander seems more than eager to stick with her "Tomb Raider" series. Hopefully, the sequel makes it out of development limbo sooner rather than later.