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Tomb Raider 2 - What We Know So Far

Since landing on the video game scene in 1996, the groundbreaking action-adventure series "Tomb Raider" has become one of the most beloved in the history of the form. It's also become one of the more lucrative, with the adventure series continuing to dazzle and delight gamers of all ages. Not surprisingly, those games have also inspired a handful of big screen adaptations. Many a fan and critic might point out that those blockbusters have proven decidedly hit or miss in terms of quality, of course. Even still, they've also proven they can more or less hold their own at the box office.

That's true of 2018's Alicia Vikander-fronted "Tomb Raider" reboot, too, as it managed to net close to $300 million at the global box office in spite of a middling critical response. Those numbers were enough for Warner Bros. to green-light a follow-up, which is slowly working its way towards theaters as we speak. Here's everything we know out "Tomb Raider 2" so far.

When will Tomb Raider 2 be released?

You should know the phrasing "slowly working its way towards theaters" is an understatement. "Tomb Raider 2" was announced back in 2019, with Warner Bros. and MGM initially slotting the sequel in for a March 2021 release, doing so with indie wiz Ben Wheatley in the director's chair (via Deadline). That film was also supposed to shoot in the spring of 2020, but we all remember what happened last year, don't we? Per Deadline, that production delay eventually led to Wheatley stepping away from the project, which led producers to indefinitely push the release date for "Tomb Raider 2." 

As of this writing, "Tomb Raider 2" still does not have a new release date. There is some good news in that Deadline piece, however, as it notes "Lovecraft Country" and "Underground" mastermind Misha Green has filled the film's vacant director's chair. Even if the film has not yet gotten in front of cameras, we should all be very excited to see what Green brings to the tale of daring archeological hero Lara Croft. In any case, be sure to check back for updates about the new release date for "Tomb Raider 2."

Who's in Tomb Raider 2?

While we haven't a clue as to when "Tomb Raider 2" will arrive at a theater near you, we do have a fair idea of who will be in it. Fans of the 2018 film will be delighted to learn Alicia Vikander is set to reprise her role as the titular daredevil Lara Croft. In truth, Vikander's performance as Croft was one of the few legitimate bright spots of the 2018 film, and it appears neither delays nor director shake-ups could sway the Oscar-winning actor from appearing in the sequel. 

With Vikander's return a certainty, it's unclear which, if any, of her co-stars from "Tomb Raider" will join her. The new film is presumably a sequel to that 2018 project, so it's safe to assume Kristin Scott Thomas will once again appear as Ana Miller, who was clearly setting up as a major villain. Even as he met a most noble end in the first film, Dominic West will likely also return as Lara's archeologist father Richard Croft, though he'll undoubtedly do so via flashback. Sadly, it seems we won't be graced with another scene-stealing turn from Walton Goggins as Mathias Vogel, because that character met a suitably foul end in the original film. Stay tuned, however, as we'll be updating the site with casting updates for "Tomb Raider 2" as they are announced.

What is Tomb Raider 2 about?

As for what "Tomb Raider 2" will be about, frankly, your guess is as good as ours. To date, all three "Tomb Raider" films have more or less borrowed narrative elements from the games which inspired them. Sadly, that approach has plagued all three of those films with formulaic plot lines. It's unclear what Wheatley's take on the material was, but it seems Misha Green will be re-writing "Tomb Raider 2" from the ground up. If you've seen any of her past offerings (particularly "Lovecraft Country"), you know that's an exciting prospect as she's got an affinity for bizarre narratives that never go quite where you think they're leading.

With any luck, Green will bring that same sort of "anything goes" approach to "Tomb Raider 2," and deliver something fans of the games and movies have truly never seen. Even as certain narrative threads were left dangling at the end of the first movie, there are currently 17 "Tomb Raider" games for Green to draw inspiration from, so the possibilities are virtually endless. Whatever the case, we'll be the first to clue you in when the narrative for "Tomb Raider 2" starts to come into focus.