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The Potential Blood Of Zeus Romance Fans Are Dreading In Season 2

Inspired by tales and characters from Greek mythology, "Blood of Zeus" has fully committed to the genre. The series features classic themes like the origin of evil, the true meaning of morality, and the influence of fate, while also introducing plot elements unique to the mythos. One such addition is Heron (Derek Phillips), a young man living in poverty with his mother, Electra (Mamie Gummer). They're already struggling to survive when the emergence of a mysterious evil threatens to plunge the world into chaos. Thankfully, Heron is a lot more powerful than he looks. He's actually the son of Zeus (Jason O'Mara), a result of the god's love affair with Electra.

Unfortunately for Heron, his mere existence is highly insulting to Zeus' wife Hera (Claudia Christian), who's finally fed up with her husband's rampant infidelity. Heron's life is changing fast, but he finds guidance along the way. The series manages to breathe new life into these stories while staying true to their origins, even though there are certain aspects of "Blood of Zeus" that have left viewers deeply divided. Although romantic entanglements between gods and mortals are incredibly common in Greek mythology, fans are convinced that there's one relationship that should stay platonic. Let's take a look at why fans would rather avoid a potential romance between these two characters.

Fans want Heron and Alexia to stay friends

Some viewers hope that the writers of "Blood of Zeus" will avoid any romance between Heron and Alexia (Jessica Henwick), the leader of the Amazons. A now-deleted user on Reddit thinks that a relationship between the pair would be cloying and predictable, writing, "He's a bland male lead, she's a strong female character, so the almighty cliche demands that they end up together ... [but] I don't want an insipid, obligatory romantic subplot to steal screen time from the interesting stuff ..."

Other users were quick to agree. "I was saying this to myself as I watched the show, I desperately hope they remain just friends," added u/LieutenantDeer. The Season 1 finale set the stage for plenty of drama that might fall to the wayside if Alexia and Heron got together. Even though Heron managed to save Olympus, Seraphim (Elias Toufexis) is now working for Hades (Fred Tatasciore), a combination that's sure to cause some trouble. The series has only scratched the surface of the mythology it's based on, so trying to squeeze in a romance storyline could distract from more interesting plot developments. And that's not even to mention that in mythology, the Amazons were believed to only have relations with men in order to produce children to continue their culture (per WorldHistory.org). 

Some viewers also don't see any chemistry between the characters. Redditor u/peachyShoob101 noted that "Heron genuinely doesn't seem interested and neither does Alexia." With Season 2 of "Blood of Zeus" on the way, we'll have to see what the Fates have in store when new episodes arrive.