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Supernatural Fans Agree That This Character Should Have Had More Screen Time

"Supernatural" is undoubtedly one of the biggest hits The CW has ever had (via The Hollywood Reporter). Running for an astounding 15 seasons on the network, the horror drama also paved the way for a prequel series titled "The Winchesters." Of course, over that many years of storytelling, a variety of characters have come and gone, and sometimes several times at that.

Paranormal elements aside, the sort of American road-trip style that "Supernatural" utilized meant that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) often traveled to different cities and states across the United States week by week. This opened the door to all manner of new guest stars, none of whom feel out of place since the Winchester brothers were always off to somewhere new.

The problem with this format, though, is that some characters that fans would've liked to see more of got a bit lost in the shuffle. With that in mind, there's one character from earlier on in the series that viewers really would have liked to see more of.

Fans wanted more of Rufus Turner

On the r/Supernatural subreddit, u/TheCheppy posted a thread pining for more of Rufus Turner (Steven Williams) in "Supernatural." "Does anyone else wish Rufus had more appearances on the show?" they asked. "I really wanted to see more of him and Bobby."

Rufus first appeared in Season 3, Episode 15 ("Time Is on My Side"). The character boasted a long history of hunting demons with fan-favorite Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and would go on to be killed off in Season 6. Still, even the grave couldn't keep Rufus from turning up twice more across the remainder of the series. Overall, Rufus appeared in 6 episodes of "Supernatural" (via IMDb).

"Fully agree. I loved the dynamic between him and Bobby a lot," said u/scandalousdee in the top-voted comment. u/fordgirl262 agreed, even calling for a new show about the old hunters. "The only spin-off that would be worth filming is 'The Adventures of young Bobby and Rufus hunting monsters,'" they said.

Funny enough, that particular spin-off is one that fans have been asking about for a while now. While "The Winchesters" may not scratch that specific itch from its onset, there's nothing to say Bobby and Rufus won't turn up in the new series at some point.

Steven Williams loved playing the role of Rufus

For his part, Steven Lewis sat down with MovieTVTechGeeks to talk about becoming Rufus Turner. "I loved playing that role. It was so much fun. Y'know, the boys, the gang, the whole cast and crew, the production office," Lewis said. "Everybody's terrific. And working with Jim Beaver — who I work with mostly as Rufus, Bobby, is just a delight."

In "Supernatural," Bobby and Rufus go way back in the demon-hunting game, so it's nice to hear that their real-life bond was just as strong as the one between the characters. Lewis also talked about the "Grumpy Old Men" type of dynamic that the two elderly hunters shared on the show.

"You know it was supposed to be a Walter Matthau and (Jack) Lemon kind of grumpy old men thing," Lewis explained. "But he does grumpy old men so well that I decided I'm not going to compete with this guy as a grumpy old man. I'm going to make Rufus an irritation to him more than anything else," the actor joked.

With fans still asking for more of the characters even after the show has wrapped up its run, maybe one day The CW will give in and add another spin-off to the "Supernatural" universe.