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The Prequel Series That Supernatural Fans Really Want To See

"Supernatural" had an incredibly successful 15-season run on the CW. The horror drama focused on two brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles), hunting down demons and battling other things that go bump in the night while getting into all kinds of paranormal trouble along the way. With the show's massive popularity, it's not exactly surprising that the CW decided to greenlight a prequel series.

Set to explore the old days of demon hunting, "The Winchesters" focuses on John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell (Meg Donnelly), according to IMDb. The parents of Sam and Dean, who both eventually lost their lives to demons, were fighting and killing monsters before the heroes of "Supernatural" were even born, making them an easy choice for a prequel series.

Of course, with so much lore already in place surrounding the two, there is plenty to draw from for "The Winchesters." However, there might be a spin-off idea that would get fans even more excited than this one.

The adventures of Rufus Turner and Bobby Singer

In the r/Supernatural subreddit, a thread from u/Crankshaft02 floated the idea of a spin-off following Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) and Rufus Turner (Steven Williams). "I'd rather watch this than the Winchesters," they said, showcasing their fanart for the imaginary series. "Only if we can find out wth happened in Omaha," said the top comment from u/Foreign_Mango_7656, a deep cut reference to a long-simmering conflict between the two characters on "Supernatural." "You could blubber all day. But I'll never forgive you," offered u/Judgejudyx, quoting dialogue from the series about the mysterious event.

It's easy to see how the rich relationship between Bobby and Rufus can be mined for a great series, similar to the love-hate bond of Sam and Dean in "Supernatural." Clearly, the two hunters have worked together on many jobs and they obviously have their fair share of personal drama as well. One user even went so far as to outline an entire three-season arc for the series. "Season 1 is about Revenge and Growth, Season 2 is about Maturity, Season 3 is about Redemption and life," finished u/tech5low after an extensive breakdown of how they imagined the full story of the imagined show going.

Since other "Supernatural" spin-offs have been floated in the past (via The Hollywood Reporter), it's not out of the question that another one could come along, especially if "The Winchesters" does well for the CW. After all, shared universes are all the rage; what's one more?