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The Least Likable Ozark Character, According To 23% Of Fans

Over the course of its four-season run on Netflix, "Ozark" was not only one of the most boldly stylish offerings in the streamer's vaults but one of its most thrillingly original too. Set largely in the backwoods of Missouri's Lake of the Ozarks region, the pitch-black crime drama followed the travails of the Byrde family as they try to stay alive — and together — while patriarch Marty (Jason Bateman) and his wife Wendy (Laura Linney) launder money for the Navarro Drug Cartel. Along the way, the Byrdes were tested at virtually every turn by unforeseen twists of fate, and a veritable cavalcade of cold-blooded criminal sorts, dodgy politicians, and cagey government agents, most of whom had their own stake in their illegal enterprises. 

Needless to say, a lot of those characters were not easy to like. Though they're all intriguing in their own right, some might even argue most of the key players on "Ozark" were pretty easy to hate. So much so that Looper set out to find once and for all which of the series' characters was the most reviled among "Ozark" fandom via a recent poll. A total of 575 U.S. respondents made their opinions on the matter known. And more than 23% of them agreed one of the show's biggest shot-callers was the least likable character in the "Ozark" landscape.

Ozark fans have some serious problems with Cartel boss Omar Navarro

Surprisingly, the crazed heroin queenpin of the Ozarks, Darlene Snell (Lisa Emery), did not earn the top spot in our poll. Despite the fact that many (including Digital Trends) believe her to be the series' real villain, Wendy Byrde's evil deeds didn't earn her the title of least likable character on "Ozark." Rather, those fearsome femmes finished behind Cartel boss Omar Navarro (Felix Solis), who snared 23.48% of the votes to claim the less-than-enviable title.

That feat is pretty impressive, too, as Navarro didn't even make his first appearance on the show until Season 3. But anyone who's watched the final two seasons of "Ozark" knows the impetuous, manipulative, and extremely hot-headed big boss of the Navarro Cartel more than earned the least-likable title, doing so via a series of reprehensible actions all but unrivaled among the show's impressive rogue's gallery. Yes, that includes Darlene, who placed a close second to Navarro in the poll, taking 18.61% of the votes.  

Wendy Byrde wasn't far behind, for the record, claiming 16.35% herself. And though she was a clear fan favorite during the four-season run of "Ozark," it seems even the foul-mouthed Ruth Langmore was not easy for fans to like, as Julia Garner's character was chosen by 15.48% of the respondents. Surprisingly, more than 14% of voters tabbed the affable Wyatt Langmore (Charlie Tahan) as one of the show's least likable characters. That put him ahead of Marty Byrde, who closed out the list with 12% of votes despite how all the carnage wrought in "Ozark" was arguably his fault. C'est la vie, right?