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That '70s Show Fans Have A Brutal Unpopular Opinion On Donna And Eric

Certain TV couples make audiences swoon. They appear to exemplify everything grand and wonderful about falling in love, so much so that people in the real world base their own relationships on these fictional ones. A prime example is Jim and Pam on "The Office." While they are separated due to forces beyond their control at the beginning of the series, they eventually overcome them, get together, and finally marry. It seems like something out of a storybook, and it's set the bar for other TV couples to follow.

But they weren't the first will they/won't they couple on television, and they're far from the last. It's worth noting another sitcom couple that was seemingly a match made in heaven — Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon) on "That '70s Show." They also started as friends before developing a romantic interest in one another, and they went through plenty of ups and downs when they finally got together. But some fans aren't so convinced they were such a perfect match, as evidenced by one Reddit thread.

Fans think Donna and Eric just weren't right for one another

Redditor u/bigstewwwww ruminated on the exact nature of Eric and Donna's relationship, stating, "They had very little in common and the only reason they worked was the same reason that a lot of couples get divorced: [Eric] doing a lot of things he didn't wanna do and not being happy with [Donna] but suppressing his emotions because he liked having sex with her and didn't [want to] be alone."

A lot of people agreed, and looking at the series, it seems like the two definitely had some issues. They went through ups and downs on plenty of occasions, like when Donna wanted to return Eric's promise ring. Or when they were supposed to get married, but Eric left her at the altar. The only explanation for such behavior is that they were kids, as u/JayTeeDubbsProd wrote, "Their relationship was pretty accurate to how relationships are at that age."

Regardless, they appear to have made it work, considering Netflix's "That '90s Show" is slated to come out centering on Eric and Donna's daughter coming to live with her grandparents. Hopefully, now that they're a little older, their relationship is on more solid footing.