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How Bridgerton's Rege-Jean Page Really Feels About His Role Being Recast

When "Bridgerton" made a huge splash upon the release of its first season in 2020, fans immediately fell in love with Regé-Jean Page, whose dreamy reformed rake Simon Basset stole thousands of hearts. While Daphne Bridgerton (Phoebe Dynevor) and Simon found their happily ever after, clearing the way for the rest of Daphne's siblings to do the same in future seasons, Simon was nowhere to be seen in Season 2 of the program. 

Because Season 2 focuses on the romantic travails of his best friend, Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey), Simon's absence was keenly felt, and he does not even put in an appearance during Simon's wedding to Kate Sharma (Simone Ashley). In fact, the character was only briefly mentioned by Daphne during Season 2. Ultimately, producer Shonda Rhimes confirmed that Page's departure came down to the simple fact that he signed on for just a single storyline with a clear ending. With said storyline wrapped up, he's exploring other opportunities and likely gone from the show for good.

But since Simon could play an important part in future, untold chapters of the "Bridgerton" saga, fans may be wondering how Netflix will handle the absence of the character. Will they recast the role so that they can incorporate Simon into future narrative arcs, or will he continue to be a shadow figure, mentioned by his in-laws and Daphne in passing? It seems that Page definitely has an opinion about how the show should handle Simon's presence in the wake of his departure.  

Page is fine with Simon being recast

In a July 2022 statement to Variety, Regé-Jean Page made it quite clear that he's absolutely fine with Simon being recast if that's the route Netflix decides to take. "They're free to do as they like," he said.

Explaining that he feels as if Simon's character arc is complete and that he's proud of his work on the show, he added, "We did so well on that redemptive arc that people forget that Simon was kind of horrific. He was the best example of a Regency f***boy that any of us had come across. And so ... because we stuck that landing, you're left with this great feeling. You really do have to be brave about ending stories like that," the actor explained. He also added that Shonda Rhimes agreed that they managed to do right by Simon's story during Season 1.

Should the show's producers recast Simon, it wouldn't be the first time "Bridgerton" slotted a new actor into an established role; Hannah Dodd will take over the role of Francesca from Ruby Stokes for the show's 3rd season. 

Page is doing just fine in the acting department since leaving "Bridgerton" behind. He will appear in the Netflix film "The Gray Man," and will also play a lead role in the upcoming role-playing game inspired movie "Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves."