Barbie Movie Fans Will Be Intrigued By Ryan Gosling's Latest Cryptic Tease

Since its initial announcement, Warner Bros.' upcoming "Barbie" movie has been surrounded with plenty of hopeful anticipation. That makes sense, as this is the first major live-action film that centers on one of the most iconic dolls of all time. Barbie has been a mainstay on store shelves and children's rooms since the late 1950s, and the toy's popularity is still strong today. But the "Barbie" movie has a lot of mystery around it, and fans aren't quite sure what to expect. A lot of the intrigue is due to director-writer Greta Gerwig's attachment to the movie.

Gerwig's work, like the acclaimed dramedy "Lady Bird," is way more intimate than a major studio-backed film about one of the most popular toys in the world. So many assumptions about what "Barbie" will entail are probably way off at this point. And if anyone was hoping that Ryan Gosling, who'll play Ken in the film, would give us revealing answers, we're probably better off waiting for that trailer. What he does offer, though, is more teasing. While discussing his work on the action-thriller "The Gray Man," Gosling did talk briefly about the "Barbie" movie. And while we're still left scratching our heads on what to expect ultimately, his cryptic tease is still sure to intrigue fans.

Gosling said the movie is not what you expect

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Gosling may have mainly shared some behind-the-scenes tidbits about "The Gray Man," but that didn't stop the actor from increasing fan anticipation for the live-action "Barbie" movie. Unfortunately, the actor didn't give juicy details, but his excitement for the project implies that we are in for something special. "I can't wait for people to see the film," it's not what you expect," Gosling told Entertainment Tonight. "That's all I can say. Otherwise, Mattel will come in and box me up."

Gosling also hinted at how hard Ken's life will be portrayed in the film because the iconic doll doesn't really have anything like his own job or house. However, he didn't confirm if that's somehow also related to the movie's plot. Warner Bros. has been steadily feeding the hype train for the project with fantastic set photos of Margot Robbie as Barbie and Gosling as Ken. So far, we've seen the two sporting bleach blond hair and big smiles while surrounded by that familiar shade of neon pink. Gosling's reveal as Ken got fans on Twitter excited as some couldn't help but point out his spray tan and all-denim outfit. If what Gosling is teasing proves true, then fans are definitely in for a wild ride. We'll have to wait until July 21, 2023, to find out.