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Greta Gerwig's Barbie Movie Keeps Landing Massive Stars

The Barbie doll is one of the most iconic toys of all time, having maintained its status as an uber-popular plaything since its creation in the late 1950s. Many decades after it first launched as a toy, Barbie is now getting the theatrical film treatment at Warner Bros. In July 2019, it was announced that "Lady Bird" writer-director Greta Gerwig would be directing the live-action "Barbie" film, as reported by Deadline. Gerwig co-wrote the script alongside "Marriage Story" writer-director Noah Baumbach, Gerwig's frequent collaborator and real-life romantic partner. In that same 2019 Deadline report, we learned Margot Robbie would take on the lead role in "Barbie." It also wouldn't be a Barbie film without Ken, Barbie's just-as-iconic love interest. This role will be portrayed by Ryan Gosling (via Deadline). Robbie is also acting as a producer through her LuckyChap Entertainment banner.

Between the Oscar-nominated writers behind the scenes and two of today's biggest stars in front of the camera, "Barbie" is definitely off to a very promising — and intriguing — start. The star power hasn't stopped with Robbie and Gosling though, as several big names have signed onto the project in the last few months, just as shooting kicked off in the UK last month (via The Knowledge). And now, we've just got word of another huge name who will be appearing in "Barbie" — here's which star just joined the cast.

Will Ferrell is one of many A-listers who've boarded the Barbie movie

The latest star to join the cast of "Barbie" is Will Ferrell, according to a new update from The Hollywood Reporter. While the name of Ferrell's character is currently unknown, we do know he is playing the CEO of a toy company, which THR speculates may be Mattel (the toy company behind Barbie) but does not confirm. Recently, Ferrell starred alongside Paul Rudd in the 2021 Apple TV+ series "The Shrink Next Door" and 2020's comedy musical "Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga" opposite Rachel McAdams.

In addition to Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Ferrell joins the likes of "SNL" alum Kate McKinnon, "Superstore" star America Ferrera, and "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" star Simu Liu in the "Barbie" cast (via IMDb). Rounding out the supporting cast of the intriguing forthcoming feature is Emma Mackey ("Sex Education"), Alexandra Shipp ("tick, tick ... BOOM!"), and Ariana Greenblatt ("Stuck in the Middle"). While each of these actors is a confirmed "Barbie" cast member, it is currently unknown what characters they will be playing, respectively.

The plot of "Barbie" has also been kept under wraps, but the THR notes that sources have revealed there will be a meta aspect to the story. We can't wait to find out more about the Greta Gerwig-helmed film, including if any more big names will be joining.