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Ted Lasso Just Earned A Staggering Number Of 2022 Emmy Nominations For A Comedy

Amid the harrowing days of the early 2020s, "Ted Lasso" dared to ask the question: what if a guy was just really nice? The first two seasons of the uplifting sports-comedy series filmed in London and starring Jason Sudeikis as the titular cheerful soccer coach were a massive hit for Apple TV+ and the show garnered a lot of praise for its killer soundtrack, inspirational story, and earnest tone. Though "Ted Lasso" only began its run relatively recently, it took virtually no time at all before the series had skyrocketed both in terms of critical reception and popularity with fans.

"Ted Lasso" has already received its fair share of distinctions and accolades to mark its success, most notably taking the win for outstanding comedy series at the 2021 Emmy Awards. However, it appears that this cavalcade of favorable recognition is only set to continue, as the series received a staggering number of nominations for the upcoming 2022 Emmy Awards.

Ted Lasso is rolling in Emmy nominations

Take a random award category from the 2022 Emmys and there's a decent chance "Ted Lasso" has a nomination for it. The comedy series received a whopping 20 nominations in categories ranging from best comedy series to outstanding production design for a half-hour narrative program. The total places "Ted Lasso" as the series with the second most Emmy nominations for 2022, just behind HBO's dark-comedy "Succession."

2022 isn't the first year that "Ted Lasso" has achieved this impressive feat, however. The series earned an equal number of 20 nominations and seven subsequent wins for the 2021 Emmys. This fresh round of nominations brings the overall total for the show to 40, though it remains to be seen just how many categories the series will win this year.

"I am eternally grateful to be included in this, but the biggest 'thank you' from this group is to the people that watch," "Ted Lasso" co-creator Bill Lawrence said during his 2021 Emmy acceptance speech for outstanding comedy series.

Looking ahead, "Ted Lasso" is set to air its third and final season later in 2022 and it's almost sure to be a contender during the 2023 Emmys. The final installment will give the series one last shot at upping its already eye-popping nomination count and walking away with a couple more wins. No matter what happens in the future, though, "Ted Lasso" has already proven itself as a landmark achievement within the world of television.