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The Other DC Characters You Probably Didn't Know Lucifer's D.B. Woodside Played

Running for six seasons and airing on Fox before transitioning over to Netflix (via Deadline), "Lucifer" still has a strong fanbase after ending for good in 2021. The series has always been received well by critics, earning itself an overall score of 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, like any successful show, it is definitely the talented cast of "Lucifer" that helped contribute much of what makes it so entertaining. Along with Tom Ellis' Lucifer Morningstar, other experienced actors like D.B. Woodside play essential supporting roles. Woodside's Amendial ends up being one of Lucifer's most trusted allies after originally being a strong antagonist in Season 1. Many fans of the show have professed that they fell in love with his character over time even (via Reddit).

It makes sense, as Woodside has quite the resume under his belt of supporting roles and guest spots on popular television since the late 1990s (via IMDb). His first acting credit is a pretty large supporting role on "Murder One," and he would reprise this role later on "Murder One: Diary of a Serial Killer." From there, he'd have supporting roles in shows like "CSI: Miami," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "24," "Grey's Anatomy," "Parenthood," and "Suits."

However, in 2021, near the end of "Lucifer," Woodside decided to get in the vocal booth to play two DC characters that you probably didn't know about.

D.B. Woodside voices Phantom Stranger and Marvin Fargo in Young Justice

Now on its 4th season after being renewed by HBO Max due to fan demand (via Deadline), "Young Justice" features a cast of great voice actors, including Nolan North, Jesse McCartney, Phil LaMarr, and even Bruce Greenwood as none other than Batman himself. D.B. Woodside is now on that list, joining in Season 4 to voice the DC Comics characters of Phantom Stranger and Marvin Fargo. The Phantom Stranger is an interesting character in the DC Universe, having no name and being a sort of entity that is forced to walk the world alone for all eternity. Stranger has magical abilities as well, and in "Young Justice," he assists Zatanna Zatara (Lacey Chabert) and Doctor Fate (Kevin Michael Richardson) in defeating the Chaos Lords.

Marvin Fargo, on the other hand, is simply a security guard in "Young Justice" Season 4 who shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time. Woodside voices the character during the 9th episode, titled, "Odnu!" During it, the new embodiment of chaos magic, Child (Erika Ishii), creates a monster to link her to the mortal plane, ultimately sending it upon the security guard and grossly dissecting his body afterward. Although this character's appearance is brief, it gives fans insight into the evil that resides within Child for the rest of her time fighting against Klarion (Stephen Wolfe Smith) and the rest of the heroes.

Woodside is currently filming the upcoming television series "The Night Agent."