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Kratos Vs. Thor: Who's Stronger?

Sony's "God of War" series has become one of the company's biggest hits since its introduction in 2005. From its debut on the PlayStation 2, the franchise has grown to encompass dozens of games, novels, and comics. Amazon is reportedly even looking into a live-action television adaptation based on the series.

At its heart, "God of War" focuses on the god known as Kratos. With a tragic backstory, he swears revenge on those who have wronged him and begins a campaign fueled by rage to wipe out the entire Greek pantheon, including the Olympic gods and Titans. Ultimately, Kratos kills every Greek god, including Zeus, in violent battles that have sometimes proven too much for fans.

But now that Kratos has encountered the Norse gods, it only seems like a matter of time before he runs into Thor. The God of Thunder is a famous figure in his own right, and would likely be Kratos' most fearsome foe to date. Obviously, this raises a classic question: who is stronger between Kratos and Thor, and which one would win if they did fight? Let's find out who the most powerful god really is.

They are likely equally experienced in combat

Both Kratos and Thor have been around for a long while by the time "God of War" takes place. That means that each has plenty of experience, especially when it comes to fighting. Kratos as the titular God of War has spent his youth battling with the rest of the Spartan army, which Polygon notes was when he developed his reputation for being a ruthless but capable warrior. Of course, he then went on to become the famous god-slayer, mercilessly killing various deities and other powerful foes, including the likes of the Hydra, Hercules, and Cronos.

Thor is likely equally as adept at fighting as Kratos and has similar experience, even if he hasn't wiped out an entire pantheon of gods during his life. Thor is nevertheless known as a savage and bloodthirsty warrior who has murdered a legions of giants and, as chronicled by History Behind the Warrior, even killed his own mother. Odin also trusted him to protect Asgard, demonstrating just how powerful he is. The two might even be similar in age, with Screen Rant calculating that both Kratos is a little over 1,000 years old, while Showbiz Cheat Sheet estimates the age of the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Thor at about 1,500.

Mimir is unsure if Kratos is strong enough to defeat Thor

Mimir is one of the most important characters in "God of War," acting as a sort of guide and oral historian for Kratos and Atreus. A former ambassador to the Aesir Gods, he advised Odin for centuries until he was eventually imprisoned. Possibly coming from Britain, according to Polygon, he is known as one of the smartest people alive and has deep knowledge of Norse mythology, so his opinion matters.

Mimir voices his doubt about whether Kratos is a match for Thor in conversations with Atreus in "God of War." This is also brought up again in Sony's official book about the game "God of War: Lore and Legends." In one passage, which is available to read on Reddit, Atreus asks Mimir if his father could beat Thor in battle and kill the God of Thunder. His reply confirms that he is unsure, telling the child, "That, lad, I do not know." If even Mimir, who has now worked closely with both Thor and Kratos, isn't convinced, then it must open up the possibility that Thor is stronger and could end up killing Kratos.

Kratos is not as impulsive or arrogant as Thor

While Kratos might have been a bit impetuous when he was younger, he is now a far older, calmer, and wiser individual. The God of War has learned how to control his rage and no longer gives into his anger. Not only has he matured, but he also now has a son to care for, meaning that he cannot simply live and act as he once did. However, the same cannot be said of Thor.

Mimir and others throughout the various realms that Kratos and Atreus visit in "God of War" speak of Thor as a sadistic bully who enjoys nothing better than killing and has a tremendous bloodlust that cannot be quenched. Game Rant points out that he once even killed a harmless giant named Hrungnir who was amusing Odin's court by smashing his head with the mighty Mjölnir. He also drunkenly murdered the wife of one of his fallen followers, leaving their son an orphan. His impulsive nature may well allow Kratos to get the better of him if he can put an effective plan into place.

Thor is the strongest of the Aesir Gods

Thor is not just any god — he is incredibly strong, perhaps only surpassed by Odin in terms of raw power, and has protected Asgard as its ultimate defender. The most powerful of the Aesir Gods, Thor wields the iconic Mjölnir and wears a belt that can double his already formidable strength. Few are able to match up to him and even the likes of Baldur, Magni, and Modi — all of whom pose problems for Kratos in "God of War" at some point  — are pale imitations of his true power.

On top of his many feats, his confidence in his strength and ability is demonstrated in the true ending to "God of War." Thor arrives at the home of Kratos and Atreus alone to seek revenge for the death of his family members. Even though he knows that Kratos has dispatched these incredibly strong figures, he turns up alone and is ready to fight. He is also responsible for killing countless numbers of Jötunn, the giants that lived throughout the Nine Realms and fled back to Jötunheim, in a massacre that has become legendary.

Kratos has killed many gods

Thor may be responsible for wiping out practically every giant outside of Jötunheim, but even this mighty feat may not match the victories of Kratos. The character is responsible for essentially wiping out the entire Olympic pantheon of gods along with a handful of Titans, Norse gods, and other powerful figures.

IGN put together a hit list featuring every single victim of Kratos, and it's pretty daunting in its sheer scope. The God of War has killed incredibly strong beings such as Areas, the Barbarian King, Icarus, Hercules, Poseidon, Hades, Cronos, Hephaestus, Gaia, and even Zeus. In the latest installment, he added the Norse Gods Magni, Modi, and Baldur to his ever growing list.

It's clear, then, that Kratos has a talent for defeating gods of all kinds. No matter how powerful a foe is, Kratos has always found a way to kill them. This is something that Thor simply cannot match, and could give Kratos the advantage he needs to defeat the God of Thunder in combat. After all, no other god has been able to stand up to Kratos and ultimately live to tell the tale.

The God of Thunder fought the World Serpent to a draw

Jörmungandr, otherwise known as the World Serpent, is a giant snake that encircles the entire planet with its huge body. The player encounters Jörmungandr when Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir awaken it from its slumber in the Lake of Nine to find out how they can get to Jötunheim. The snake aids them in their quest due to its hatred of Thor and Odin.

One of the strongest giants to ever live, the World Serpent is capable of defeating almost any foe. But despite its great size and strength, Thor was able to fight to a stalemate when the two first battled. The pair are destined to battle once again during Ragnarök, when they shall both perish. According to Mimir, Thor will hit him hard enough with Mjölnir that it will fracture the tree Yggdrasil and send Jörmungandr back in time. If Thor is able to battle the World Serpent to a draw, that makes him a fearsome opponent.

Atreus provides plenty of motivation for Kratos to keep fighting

2018's "God of War" introduced players to a brand new character, Atreus. He is the son of Kratos and the half-giant Laufey. It's eventually revealed that he is actually Loki, in a twist that Game Rant explained was signposted throughout the story. The young boy is a powerful figure in his own right, but also someone who is not prepared for the hardship that awaits him.

Kratos cares deeply for Atreus and does everything he can to ensure he remains out of harm's way. The God of War has gone to extreme lengths to keep his existence a secret and does everything in his power to protect him. The character even acts as a secondary protagonist, accompanying Kratos on his journey in the game.

If Thor threatened Atreus in any way, that would provide Kratos with all the motivation he needs to destroy him. There is nothing else in the world that Kratos cares more about and he would give his own life to keep his son safe.

Thor has mastery over lightning and storms

As you might expect from the God of Thunder, Thor has a wide range of abilities related to both thunder and lightning. The secret ending from "God of War" shows some of his skills, including his ability to control and manipulate storms. After arriving at Kratos' home, he causes a huge storm to rain down lightning. This mastery extends to being able to harness electricity and lightning itself, with the god likely able to direct powerful surges at opponents.

If the "God of War" version of Thor is anything like his MCU counterpart, it likely means that he will be able to use lightning manipulation to great effect. He may be able to power up his weapons using electricity, fire lightning bolts at his enemies, or deafen opponents with thunderous explosions. Kratos' battles with Thor's sons have already demonstrated just how effective this skill can be, so it could pose a threat to both him and Atreus.

Kratos has already defeated a thunder god

If there is one God from the Greek pantheon that is similar to Thor, then that would probably be Zeus. While the leader of the Olympic gods might share many attributes with Odin, his powers and abilities are more similar to Thor's. Both have the power to manipulate the weather and are heavily associated with lightning and thunder — something that "Thor: Love and Thunder" points out in great detail.

While Zeus posed a great threat to Kratos and was arguably one of his most difficult fights, he still ultimately prevailed. Zeus almost killed Kratos several times and was an immense foe, someone who was capable of killing almost any other god, yet even he fell to Kratos. This would not bode well for Thor, who would likely not be able to offer up much more of a threat than Zeus could. Kratos' previous experience fighting those with similar abilities might also give him an edge in any potential fight.

Mjölnir is one of the most powerful weapons ever created

Perhaps the most striking thing about Thor is his weapon, Mjölnir. The version of the mighty hammer in "God of War" appears to be similar in many respects to the classic depiction of the weapon. It's a one-handed hammer that, according to Norse Mythology, was one of the most powerful weapons ever created. It has the ability to hit any opponent and return to Thor, and could destroy mountains in a single blow.

Mimir recounts in "God of War" that Thor has used Mjölnir to kill hundreds of giants, and that it is capable of channeling his lightning powers to shoot out electricity in a concentrated beam. It is the only weapon that is able to withstand Thor's innate strength and is viewed as a superweapon that is easily capable of rivaling any other weapon in the Nine Realms. Even with his Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos, Kratos might struggle against the destructive capabilities of Mjölnir.

The God of War has the Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe

Although Thor has Mjölnir, Kratos also has some powerful and impressive weapons of his own. The first are the Blades of Chaos, a pair of chained blades that Game Informer says were once seared to his arms. They have acted as Kratos' signature weapon throughout the entire series. Forged by Ares, they are imbued with fire and can cause flame attacks when used in combat.

In the latest game, Kratos was given the Leviathan Axe by his wife Laufey. This weapon was created by the same individuals who had originally forged Mjölnir for Thor. Made to oppose the terrible destruction that Thor and Mjölnir has brought on the giants, it is a huge two-handed axe that has ice powers and can be recalled from any distance.

With two versatile and very different weapons, Kratos has an arsenal that would make most gods jealous. Whether they are able to match the might of Mjölnir is unclear, but if there are any two weapons within the "God of War" series that could, it would be the Blades of Chaos and Leviathan Axe.

Thor is far more experienced using his godly powers

Thor was born a God and had full access to his range of powers since his birth. That means that he has had a lifetime to hone those skills and gain experience in using them. By the time "God of War" takes place, the character may well be thousands of years old and have mastered his abilities to a level that Kratos simply won't have had the chance to.

Where this gives Thor an advantage over the God of War is that Kratos has largely only used his powers sparingly. Most of them have been acquired over the course of his life and he can only tap into them when needed, making his use of the powers infrequent. That throws into question how much control Kratos actually has over many of his powers, while Thor should have complete mastery over all of his. He has certainly had enough time to, and he won't have been afraid to put his powers to use in slaughtering his enemies.

Kratos can access several devastating powers

Like all the gods shown in the series, Kratos has access to several powerful abilities. Some of these are innate, such as his super strength, endurance, and healing powers. However, the God of War also has a habit of absorbing the unique abilities of other gods after he has defeated them, giving him a wider range of abilities than he had when players first took control of him. Considering the sheer amount of gods that have been killed by Kratos, it's not surprising that he has accumulated some very useful and impressive skills.

Throughout the various "God of War" games, Kratos has shown that he can summon tornados, shapeshift to change his size; manipulate electricity, fire, and ice; create voids of darkness; use divine energy; and even control the souls of the deceased. Although he cannot always use these abilities whenever he wants, they have all proven effective and useful at various points. As he kills Norse gods, he is likely to absorb even more powers and increase his strength even further.

Kratos is the winner

A fight between Thor and Kratos would undoubtedly be explosive and devastating. Few gods have the raw strength and power of these two, so any time that they clash is sure to be memorable. Picking a winner is difficult but, ultimately, Kratos would likely come out on top.

You just need to look at his track record when it comes to fighting gods. He has annihilated Titans and Olympians alike, while also proving that he can go toe-to-toe with Norse gods like Baldur. It might not have been easy, yet he has always found a way to beat his enemies.

Thor would be a huge challenge, but the God of Thunder is not incomparable to many of those that Kratos has already managed to destroy. After all, if the likes of Zeus could not stand against Kratos, a God who is probably more powerful even than the God of Thunder, then what chance does Thor really have?