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The Ending Of Naomi Season 1 Explained

Contains spoilers for "Naomi" Season 1

When Naomi McDuffie (Kaci Walfall) finds out that she has superpowers, things get pretty strange in a hurry. Over the course of The CW's "Naomi" Season 1, she finds out that she actually has a whole bunch of superpowers, and that she's an alien from an alternate Earth known as Earth-29 ... and a pretty important one, for that matter.

If all of this wasn't enough, it turns out that there are several other aliens and alternate-dimension folks hanging around in Oregon, as well. Among these are the Thanagarian tattoo artist Dee (Alexander Wraith) and the car salesman Zumbado (Cranston Johnston) — who may be a good guy, the man responsible for Earth-29's turmoil, or both. Of course, there's also a contingent of regular kids who keep Naomi (and the show) somewhat grounded, so her life is a pretty impressive juggling act.

As the season draws to a close, Naomi is a very different person than she was at the beginning ... and, unfortunately, she finds out that so are the people closest to her. Let's take a look at the huge cliffhanger ending of "Naomi" Season 1.

Naomi finds out the truth about her adoptive parents

By the ending of "Naomi" Season 1, it's extremely clear that Naomi's parents, Greg and Jennifer (Barry Watson and Mouzam Makkar), are actually her adoptive parents. Even so, the three have established themselves as an incredibly tight and loving family unit ... which makes it all the more surprising when Naomi acquires a piece of her space ship, and immediately has a vision that Jennifer and Greg are actually responsible for her birth parents' death. This doesn't go down particularly well, and a shocked and enraged Naomi flies away after giving her adopted parents a piece of her mind. 

Up to this moment, the season finale has featured fairly traditional confrontations with the season's biggest (or at least most obvious) villains, The Assassin (Derek Russo) and Brutus (Ray Porter). What's more, pretty much everyone close to her now knows about her alien status, so she has a tightly-knit circle of friends and allies to support her. We've also met established superheroes like Adam Blake (Chase Anderson). Even Superman is somewhere out there, which teases a potential future appearance in the show. However, this mood whiplash of a cliffhanger immediately turns the ending of "Naomi" Season 1 into a massive downer ending. 

For comic book fans, Naomi's long-term story arc is pretty clear. She's more or less destined to become a fully-fledged superhero who either goes by her first name or starts calling herself Powerhouse, as she has been known to do in the comics. Interestingly, the comics version of Greg McDuffie is also an alien, which may or may not be the case in the show as well.

 It remains to be seen whether Naomi's vision showed the whole picture, or if she misunderstands the situation in some fashion. Regardless, it certainly appears that Greg and Jennifer have plenty of secrets. 

It remains to be seen whether the cliffhanger will ever be resolved

The wild cliffhanger ending of "Naomi" Season 1 leaves the fans of the show hanging, and as misfortune would have it, they're in for a hangtime that would impress even Michael Jordan. Sadly, "Naomi" won't be returning for Season 2. This means that unless the show finds some other platform, the reasons behind Jennifer and Greg's betrayal will likely go unsolved, and Naomi will be flying for a long, long time. Perhaps even more frustratingly, the show barely manages to tease the bigger picture, which would likely center around Earth-29's superpowered people, the Twenty-Nine.    

It's not exactly unheard of for a beloved show to finish its run on a different network or streaming platform than it started. However, cold, hard math indicates this may not be the case with "Naomi." The show has yielded diminishing returns during its first — and, by the looks of it, only — season, bleeding viewers in all but two of its 13 episodes (via TV Series Finale). Nevertheless, here's hoping the makers of the show still find a way to bring the story to conclusion, or at least reveal what happens after the big Season 1 cliffhanger.