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The Price Is Right's Drew Carey Has A Bold Prediction For The Beloved Game Show

You may not realize it, but CBS' beloved daytime game show "The Price Is Right" has been on the air for a very, very long time. The show as we know it today — in which contestants play games and attempt to guess the retail price of everything from common household items to high-priced automobiles — actually made its CBS debut way back in 1972, and it has been a daytime staple ever since. Over that five-decade span, "The Price Is Right" has aired more than 9,300 episodes (per IMDb) — a mind-boggling number by any small-screen standard.

For the first 35 years of its run, the show was hosted by the great Bob Barker, who walked away from his longtime gig in 2007 as a legit icon celebrated by TV viewers from virtually every generation. Comedian and actor Drew Carey was, of course, tapped to take over on "The Price Is Right" after Barker's exit, debuting as host of the show a few months after his predecessor's retirement. Now 15 seasons into his own tenure as host, Carey continues to keep the show in line with its signature style while still bringing his own unique flair to the mix. In doing so, he's helped usher the show into a new era. And with 50 seasons already behind "The Price Is Right," Carey recently made a bold prediction about its potential longevity.

Carey thinks the iconic show will be on the air for many years to come

Drew Carey made that prediction at this year's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) conference in Las Vegas, and did so as "The Price Is Right" was being inducted into the organization's Broadcasting Hall of Fame. As covered by Deadline, the always-candid Carey was quick to point out how humbled he is to be part of the show's legacy. He went on to praise the series for having been "able to adapt with the times and change and grow." The famed funnyman then took a shot at his own work ethic, noting he typically doesn't show up to tapings of "The Price Is Right" until about 20 minutes before they begin because "I know all the games. ... I know how the games are played, and I just play along with the contestants and have a good time and laugh all day."

That laid-back approach is clearly working for both the show and Carey, who seems primed to play host as long as "The Price Is Right" is around. But according to Carey's prediction, the game show will likely outlast even him. The host boldly stated it "could be around for 100 years on American television, because it's just that strong." It's unclear whether Carey meant 100 years total or 100 on top of the 50 the show has already been around. But given the cross-generational staying power "The Price Is Right" continues to display, the century mark doesn't seem all that unlikely.