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Fans All Agree On The Best Part About Andrew Garfield's Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield's "The Amazing Spider-Man" duology was not met with kindness when it first aired in the early 2010s. They came in the wake of Tobey Maguire's trilogy, which ostensibly paved the way for the current mainstream love of superhero media around the same time that the Marvel Cinematic Universe was hitting its stride. At the time, critics broadly felt that it was okay, if not redundant (via The Hollywood Reporter), and fans, well they showed up because it was Spider-Man, everyone's favorite dork, but they weren't terribly happy about it. Even today, they're considered some of the worst "Spider-Man" movies to ever be released.

And yet, with the generosity of time, the rose-tinted power of nostalgia, and Garfield's meteoric public resurgence as the web-slinger, more and more fans are looking back upon the short-lived franchise with fonder eyes (they're also looking forward to the possibility of a third installment, but that's just a rumor for now). It seems that no matter where one goes for this kind of content, there's a single piece of praise that resonates with viewers across the globe and yes, it's about Garfield himself. Why wouldn't it be?

Everyone loves how physical Andrew Garfield's acting is

In a subreddit dedicated to Spider-Man, u/sxydoctor posted a short clip from "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," along with a caption that read, "Andrew Garfield's body expressions are just AMAZING." The clip in question shows Spidey trying to get Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) away from the fighting ground where Electro (Jamie Foxx) is running rampant. Now, the Redditor's clip is silent, yet the intentions behind what is presumably said are still clear, and that's all thanks to Garfield's physicality inside the suit.

This particular clip has actually been making the rounds for a while now, especially after rumors began to escalate about Garfield's involvement in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." A common quip that's attached, and is almost a meme on its own at this point, is how people will observe that the interaction between Spider-Man and Gwen feels straight out of a musical (u/just-smiley wrote that very thing). It's the kind of hyper-specific comment that only makes sense while seeing the evidence play out live, and once it's seen, it cannot be unseen.

One Redditor, u/RedditReader365, phrased the joy of seeing Garfield act by writing, "His body expressions and language is phenomenal ... with Andrew you can feel the chaos, the energy, and the urgency in his movements," which really connects back to the whole musical bit. Now, if only someone would revive Broadway's "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark." This ... is only partially a joke.