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Kung Fu Season 3 Release Date, Plot, And Cast - What We Know So Far

As many may know, The CW has been the source of great heartache this past season. In a wild canceling spree, the network axed many popular series including the baffling decision to cancel "The Vampire Diaries" universe show "Legacies." Thankfully, "Kung Fu" remains one of the lucky to remain on the docket for the upcoming season. A healthy Rotten Tomatoes rating of 86% may have to do with its survival on the network, but where "Kung Fu" really shines is its storytelling. Showrunners Christina Kim and Robert Berens' experiences on "Supernatural" and "Lost" taught them the merits of delving into familial backstory. 

And of course, there is no "Kung Fu" without fierce heroine Nicky Shen (Olivia Liang). After hastily quitting Harvard because of an internal crisis, she hightails it to China to study at a Shaolin temple. Just three short years later and she has mastered martial arts, desperate to avenge her mentor's murder (as one does). A welcome update to the David Carradine series of the same name, "Kung Fu" explores captivating female stories all with impressive fight sequences. Luckily for fans, they won't have to wait too much longer to catch up with Nicky on her next adventure.

What is the release date for Kung Fu Season 3?

Last we saw Nicky Shen, she was protecting her community in San Francisco from the tyranny of evil billionaire Russell Tan (Kee Chan). The Season 2 finale was a heart-wrenching one that just ended on June 15 (via IMDb). As one of the few shows that The CW decided to keep on their roster, news of the series' renewal came before the 2nd season had even concluded. Collider reported back in March that "Kung Fu" could expect to see another season.

Now fans can rejoice that a release date is coming up fast. The CW confirmed that Nicky will be back in action on October 5 in a social media post. Love and loss were a large part of Season 2, meaning big things should be on the horizon for our favorite warrior. And good news, Olivia Liang can hardly contain her excitement. "Maybe i just had a chat with @robertberens and @christinakimla and maybe they told me about season 3 and maybe it's the best season yet," the Nicky Shen actress reported on Twitter. Fans have only three months to go before they find out.

What is the plot for Kung Fu Season 3?

Season 2's literally earth-shattering season finale left a lot of elements up in the air. Even though Nicky, Mia (Vanessa Yao), and Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman) stopped Russell from achieving immortality, it was not without repercussions. In a shocking twist, Zhilan, who went from adversary to tentative ally, sacrifices herself to help Nicky's cause. Upon returning to San Francisco, Nicky realizes she cannot count on her boyfriend Henry (Eddie Liu) to stick by her side either. Just as she had done, Henry is going on a quest to find himself. 

All told, there are many unanswered questions in the lead-up to Season 3 of "Kung Fu." Unfortunately, Christina Kim and Robert Berens were a little hesitant to reveal too much about the upcoming season.

"I think there's an opportunity for [Henry] to really grow between seasons when we catch up with [him] in Season 3, and when [they] meet up again, what does that mean? I can't say, even though we might know," Kim said during a roundtable discussion with The Observer. "But we're excited about it." There is at least some good news in those few words. It doesn't seem as though Henry is gone for good, and when he does meet up with Nicky again, sparks are sure to fly. And what about Zhilan? For avid fans of hers, don't count her out just yet.

"I think it's okay to say that we will see her in some form at some point," Berens teased.

Who will be returning for Kung Fu Season 3?

With "Kung Fu" so early in the production stages for Season 3, there is not much news in the realm of casting. But The CW series would not be complete without its star, Olivia Liang. With Nicky returning to her home in the wake of the Season 2 earthquake, it is clear that her story is not over yet. In addition to Liang reprising her role, fans can expect the rest of the Shen family to appear as well. For those characters whose arcs were left up in the air, there have been some recent updates.

Henry and Nicky's relationship may be ambiguous now, but Christina Kim's statements suggest that the two will reunite in Season 3, which means Eddie Liu might be back for the new season. Even more exciting will be the return of Zhilan. Her fate seemed to be dire in the season finale after sacrificing herself. However, according to TV Line, Yvonne Chapman has officially been confirmed to return as the morally ambiguous character. Also set to return is Sebastian (JB Tadena) and this time as a series regular.

"He brought so much depth and emotion to the character of Sebastian and was immediately embraced as part of the 'Kung Fu' family, both on and off screen," Kim said ahead of the 3rd season.