The Supernatural Bucket List Item Eric Kripke Accomplished On The Boys - Exclusive

This article contains mild spoilers for "The Boys" Season 3, Episode 7.

When it comes to "The Boys" creator Eric Kripke, nun violence is the name of the cinematic game. No, really. The writer isn't a stranger to some significantly bloody nunsense — especially in the Season 4 finale of the series "Supernatural." But with "The Boys" streaming on Prime Video instead of a network, Kripke has far more leeway that he didn't always have on The CW show. The creator bloodied up more than a few nuns during his time showrunning "Supernatural," and there were even dead bodies, but all of those deaths happened off-screen — until now.

In the Season 4 commentary for the "Supernatural" episode "Lucifer Rising," Kripke explained during a particularly brutal nun scene, "We had a lot of discussion early on about how much we could terrorize these nuns — how hardcore we can get with this. For instance, there's this little moment right here where the nun speaks, right at this moment, 'Father,' and he calls a nun a slut."

At the time of the episode, Kripke was testing the waters of just how brutal and shocking he could make the show. Given that these scenes were a precursor to the apocalypse, the episode needed a little blasphemy to get the ball rolling. Not everyone was on board with the nun violence, however. Some people thought Kripke was going too far — like executive producer and future showrunner Robert Singer.

It's all nun and games 'til someone gets hurt

Eric Kripke noted on the Season 4 DVD commentary, "Later on in one of the drafts of the scripts, I crucified a nun, kind of bleeding down an upside-down cross, and Bob Singer came into my office, and he said, 'You know, Eric, I rarely say this, but you're going way too far.' And I said, 'Well, you know, nun violence is the last great frontier for us on 'Supernatural.'" Isn't that a sentence you never thought you would hear? But Kripke understood Singer's concern, adding, "Anyway, I saw the wisdom of it, and I pulled back some of the nun violence, and so as you see, most of the nun violence is off-camera, thankfully."

Robert Singer wasn't the only coworker Kripke scandalized during his nun violence phase on "Supernatural," as he explained in the commentary. The show's director of photography, Serge Ladouceur, would tell Kripke, "Well, we are all going to hell," after the brutal takes. As Kripke tells it, his response was, "'Sorry, Serge. I'm sorry. I'm Jewish. I don't have an ear for this kind of sacrilegiousness that everyone else seems to have.' And he [Ladouceur] felt like he really needed to go to confession."

But it seems the powers that be of "The Boys" had no such qualms, and Kripke would finally get to show unrestrained nun violence in the Season 3 episode "Here Comes a Candle to Light You to Bed."

It's nunya business

Looper spoke to Eric Kripke during an exclusive interview to promote "The Boys" Season 3, and we congratulated him for finally murdering a nun on screen. We know it's been on his bucket list since "Lucifer Rising," after all. Luckily for Kripke, dreams do come true.

Amused, Kripke said, "Right?! When I was a young child growing up, I thought, 'If only I could make it to Hollywood and murder some nuns.' And they tell you dreams don't come true. They tell you this isn't the magic factory, but it really is." But is it the magic factory, or is it the nun factory? Please tell us, Kripke. The only other question we have now is whether he received an irate call from Robert Singer or Serge Ladouceur regarding the showrunner's rising nun homicide count. Frankly, though, it's nunya business, guys.

The Season 3 finale of "The Boys" streams Friday, July 8 on Prime Video.