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Here's Where You Can Watch Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal Season 2

Like Genndy Tartakovsky's "Samurai Jack," "Primal" is an animated series heavy on action and low on dialogue. Following caveman Spear (Aaron LaPlante) and his unlikely dinosaur partner Fang as they survive in a brutally violent and unrelenting prehistoric world, the series won near-universal praise from critics and audiences when the first half of Season 1 debuted in 2019 and the second half followed in 2020 (per Rotten Tomatoes).

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news on Season 2 of the show, which was confirmed back in 2020 (via Collider). Season 1 of "Primal" ended on the promise of the world of our protagonists expanding big time as they find Mira (Laëtitia Eïdo), an unusually talkative character running from a vague evil force that promises to be bigger than anything we've seen thus far in Spear and Fang's numerous fights for survival. 

What's shocking about the trajectory of "Primal" is that, according to its creator, it was only intended to be an animated short, one that got expanded to five episodes, then another five, and fan popularity pushed Tartakovsky to do more and more. "It's funny because the whole thing with 'Primal' is that I thought nobody's going to want to do this, so I'll just do it as a short," he said in 2020 (per AWN). 

News has dropped that Season 2 of the series will premiere on July 21. Here's where you'll be able to watch every episode of the season, which will contain 10 total episodes.

You can find Primal Season 2 on both Adult Swim and HBO Max

"Primal" Season 2 will be found on both Adult Swim and HBO Max (you can find Season 1 on the streaming service now), though it will be a couple of weeks before HBO Max begins airing the series. The first two episodes of "Primal" Season 2 will air on Adult Swim before they start popping up on HBO Max until September 15's season finale (via Entertainment Weekly). Episodes can also be streamed on the Adult Swim app. 

While many shows simply drop their seasons in total on streaming services today, Tartakovsky has a long-standing relationship with Adult Swim, which is where "Samurai Jack" aired. Tartakovsky said in 2020 the network has given him complete freedom with his unusual journey into a land of dinosaurs, cavemen, and so much more (per AWN). 

The trailer for Season 2 promises a wild ride, featuring giant turtles and sharks, plenty of blood, and Tartakovsky's signature haunting images. Tartakovsky said Season 2 will differ in that the stories will be more interconnected and less like the one-offs in the introductory season. "It's gonna keep you on your toes, and basically from [episode] 11 to 20, it's one story. That's the big difference from the first season," he said.