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Primal Season - What We Know So Far

For anyone who watched cartoons in the 1990s and 2000s, you owe a debt of gratitude to Genndy Tartakovsky. While he got his start working as an animator across various properties, he also ended up creating "Dexter's Laboratory," "Samurai Jack," and "Star Wars: Clone Wars." If you grew up watching his shows, then you might be interested to watch one of his more unique projects that was specifically designed with adults in mind — "Primal."

The show's a lot bloodier than his previous works, but it has all of the same hallmarks. The animation style is roughly the same, and whereas his other cartoons relied on minimal dialogue, "Primal" barely has any talking at all. Instead, it focuses on the bond forged between a Neanderthal caveman and a Tyrannosaurs rex as they both undergo immense tragedies but manage to find companionship within one another. As a pair, they journey forth into the desolate, dangerous landscape, contending with all sorts of dangers from hyper-violent apes to bloodthirsty wolves. 

It's become one of the most exciting projects to reach Adult Swim in quite some time, and fans are undoubtedly waiting to hear more about the future of the series. Here's what you need to know about "Primal" Season 2 as of right now.

What's the release date for Season 2 of Primal?

The first season of "Primal" was divided into two sections with the first batch of five episodes airing in 2019 and the second half coming out a year later. Prior to the second portion coming out, Adult Swim announced it was renewing the show for a second season (via Collider). It was great news for fans who couldn't get enough of the expertly crafted action sequences that were staged in every single episode that were bound together by the strangely emotional bond between man and beast. 

No release date has been announced for when Season 2 will come to our TV screens. Considering both parts of Season 1 aired in October of their respective years, our best guess would be for Season 2 to follow the same path and come out in October of 2021. Collider goes on to state how the second season will also consist of 10 episodes with it being likely they would be split up into two different portions. Either way, this is one show that's worth the wait. 

What's the plot of Primal Season 2?

The plot of each episode of "Primal" more or less follows a similar structure. Spear (the caveman) and Fang (the T-rex) do their best to survive in their wasteland whether that entails finding food, water, or shelter. Typically, they encounter some kind of beast-like adversary, forcing them to work together so that they can escape with their lives.

Season 2 will likely stick with that mold, but as anyone who finished Season 1 knows all too well, an interesting wrinkle came into the picture. The season finale sees Spear and Fang encountering a cavewoman, named Mira, who's been held prisoner by unknown forces with a connection to the scorpion markings on her body. Her and Spear form a connection that's quickly shattered when she's once again kidnapped. Spear and Fang attempt to find her, but it's too late. She's already on a boat sailing far away, and an overarching plot for Season 2 could involve the team attempting to track her down since she appears to be Spear's final shot of regaining some semblance of happiness in his life.

Who's in the cast for Primal Season 2?

Considering the lack of any real dialogue outside of grunts and roars, there's not exactly a huge cast of voice actors at play. Aaron LaPlante voices the minimal lines Spear does have. The only character who has any substantial dialogue is Mira, the Homo sapien the central pair meets in the last episode of Season 1. She's voiced by Laetitia Eido-Mollon.

No other cast members have been announced for Season 2, but Mira's introduction certainly opens up the possibility for more speaking characters to come into play. Spear may be a Neanderthal, but it's clear Homo sapiens exist somewhere out there. One story line that could play out would involve Spear and Fang going out of their way to rescue Mira. They'd likely be successful, and Mira could lead them to others like her. 

It's just a theory, but even if humans begin to enter the picture more, the show will likely stick with the minimal dialogue that has come to be a defining feature of Genndy Tartakovsky's work. For the time being, you can catch up with the series by binge-watching the entire first season on HBO Max.