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The CSI: Vegas Star You Likely Missed In Chicago Med

At first glance, the glamorous yet dangerously gruesome world of "CSI: Vegas" doesn't seem to have a lot in common with the grittier, somewhat more realistic universe of "Chicago Med." While "CSI" usually tends to focus on answering questions about horrifying deaths after they occur, the third series in the "One Chicago" franchise centers its premise on preventing those horrible tragedies from happening in the first place.

Of course, no level of daring medical procedures or good old-fashioned TLC will ever be able to save everyone, but the doctors of "Chicago Med" do their best to avoid seeing their patients shipped to a facility more akin to that occupied by the "CSI: Vegas" crew. However, despite the fact that the two teams in question inarguably have fundamental differences, there actually share quite a few commonalities as well.

They're both set in big cities. They often feature over-the-top and soapy cases, including some that are ripped from the headlines and others that are simply born of pure imagination. In either aforementioned scenario, these cases are also often solved in attention-grabbing ways. Most importantly, each show concentrates on a team of caring professionals who are trying their best to improve the world for those around them. 

According to IMDb, the two shows also share a number of actors, including this prominent "CSI: Vegas" star.

Paula Newsome shows up on Chicago Med and CSI: Vegas

We're betting that when viewers watched the first episode of the "CSI" reboot, many quickly questioned: why does Maxine from "CSI: Vegas" look so familiar

As it turns out, actress Paula Newsome has appeared in major roles in both "Chicago Med" and "CSI: Vegas." In the latter series, Newsome portrays Maxine Roby, the head of the Las Vegas Crime Lab. Although Season 1 of the series sees Roby temporarily ousted from her job, she eventually returns to her rightful position and is expected to appear in "CSI: Vegas" Season 2.

Her role on "Chicago Med" was far more tragic. On the program, Newsome portrays Caroline Charles, ex-wife of Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) and mother of their daughter Robin (Mekia Cox). Caroline falls back into Charles' life when she is diagnosed with terminal lymphoma. As Daniel and Caroline reconcile, they're in a race against time to renew their vows before the lymphoma claims Caroline's life. Newsome's arc lasted for 12 episodes on the show (via IMDb).

According to an interview with TVBrittanyF.com, Newsome expressed enthusiasm for her role as Roby, explaining her similarities to the character. "She was like me. She's like my family. She's like people I know. My dad's name was Max. Max is a family name. My dad's name was Max. My aunt's name was Max. My cousin's name is Max. They almost (named) me Maxine," she told the website. She also added that she's happy the show explores Roby's personal life. "That's important to me—when you're playing women who are fully rounded. You don't only play with your Criminology book. And that's what I like about the opportunity they gave me." 

She's never spoken to the press about her feelings when it comes to Caroline's story arc, but she'll forever be wedded to these two roles in the minds of drama fans.