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The Actual Value Of A Depression-Era Moto-Scooter On American Pickers

The cast of "American Pickers" have uncovered all kinds of treasures throughout the show's run on History. However, if we've learned one thing about the crew, it's that they really love their bikes. They have, of course, also taught us that bikes come in more shapes, sizes, and conditions than even the series' stars can likely fathom.

That means they also come in wildly disparate price ranges too. And over the years, "American Pickers" creator Mike Wolfe and his former co-host Frank Fritz have indeed shelled out big bucks for just about anything they find with two wheels, including a treasure trove of classic motorcycles and vintage bicycles dug out of garages across the United States. The antique-hunting duo is lucky enough to come across a rare, Depression-era scooter in a Season 3 episode titled "Keep Out." The pair immediately set out to add the scooter to their lot. Even as a classic bit of "American Pickers" haggling ensues over its price, Frank clearly has a very good idea of the scooter's actual value.

The American Pickers crew got the vintage scooter for much less than its actual value

Watching the "American Pickers" team haggle with collectors over what they'll pay for an item remains one of the best, and often funniest, parts of the show. That's never more true than when they find themselves dealing with folks who either overvalue their antiques or simply don't want to sell them at all. It seems that a bit of both are in the mix when they stumble upon the property of a Tennessee collector named Joe in the Season 3 episode "Keep Out." 

On Joe's property, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz indeed find mechanical treasures to behold, including vintage train cars, antique steam engines, and classic automobiles. In one of Joe's garages, they even find a cache of well-kept motorcycles that Frank promptly makes a pass at. After failing to close a deal on a 1970s chopper, Frank eyes a slightly smaller score: the Depression-era Moto-Scoot scooter in question. According to Joe, this particular scooter was manufactured by Chicago's American Moto-Scoot between World Wars I and II. And per GAUK Motors, these scooters were intended to be an easy-to-use and relatively inexpensive transportation option for the time. Frank then confirms not many Moto-Scoots were made, making Joe's a solid pick, even in its less-than-stellar condition. 

As with the chopper, Joe and Frank are initially way off on price, with the latter asking $1,500, and the former offering $850. They eventually meet in the middle, settling on $1,000 even. As the scooter is loaded up, however, Frank values it at potentially twice that price, claiming with the right buyer, they could likely sell it for between $1,700 and $2,200, making the Moto-Scoot another lucrative find for the "American Pickers" crew.