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Why Cobra Kai Fans Are Worried About Tory In Season 5

Netflix's return trip into the world of "The Karate Kid," "Cobra Kai," has introduced us to as many compelling new fighters as the seasoned ones that still have scores to settle. Besides bruised egos that still haven't healed after 30-something years, the likes of Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), Samantha (Mary Mouser), and Hawk (Jacob Bertrand) have gone on their own personal journeys, some of which have seen them jump from one karate-obsessed class to the other. Even with the ever-altering alliances, though, one of the young contenders, in particular, hasn't moved an inch from the minute she stepped into a dojo — All-Valley karate champ, Tory Nichols (Peyton List).

Handling love triangles and leglocks with equal force, Tory has been a staunch Cobra Kai student, constantly at the forefront of the ludicrous but equally addictive turf war. From home break-ins to high school brawls, she's helped lead the charge for some of the greatest battles in "Cobra Kai," but it's the closing events of Season 4 that have fans worried. Last season saw the dawn of a new era that could see Tory thrown to the wayside without a pivotal ally to back her up. If that's the case, it may finally set her up for a rude awakening as to which side of karate school drama history she's on the side of, for better or worse.

Could Tory be in for a tough time without Kreese in Season 5?

Over on the "Cobra Kai" Reddit rife with fan theories, one fan highlighted the rare instance on "Cobra Kai" where John Kreese (Martin Kove) showed a flicker of compassion for one of his favorite students. When Tory was at risk of losing her home, her sensei stepped in, and paid a visit to her landlord to settle the issue. From there, a teacher/student bond began to bloom, mirroring the likes of Johnny (William Zabka) and Miguel, or Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Robby (Tanner Buchanan). Refreshing as it was to see two of the most formidable characters showing signs of change, it was only after Terry Silver took Kreese out of the equation that it sparked fear for Tory's future.

In response to the clip of Kreese playing hero, u/Michelrpg concluded that "now Kreese is gone, Robbie going to Mexico, leaving her with that landlord, her aunt, and Terry, she's going to have a bad time in Season 5. I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up asking Amanda for help." Given the Season 4 finale, that's a solid assessment. Besides Kreese having a change in tactics (which Terry deemed enough to double-cross him for), a conversation with Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler) led to Tory having a crisis of conscience as well. With that in mind, could next season hint at both teacher and student finding a different path away from Cobra Kai and into a direction they never expected?

Could Tory find help from Amanda and Miyagi-Do?

With Cobra Kai heading in a new direction and Kreese having no way to stop it from behind bars, Tory is exposed and potentially outnumbered by her classmates and an unforgiving teacher. Might this be the wake-up call she needs to reconcile her differences with former rival Samantha and take a helping hand from Amanda and the competition at Miyagi-Do? If she does, it could put the student on the path away from Cobra Kai that her teacher may soon follow.

Kreese has already shown signs that there might actually have a heart where we've assumed a cobra's head would be. Should he eventually get out and see Tory on hard times, it could kick him into gear to learn from his mistakes and slowly become a better person. It might also force him to settle his differences with Amanda following the two's frequent altercations throughout the show. Whether the student becomes the teacher in this scenario or not, it's clear that Tory still might have a fighting chance in the end.