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The Man From Toronto's Director Confirms What We Suspected About A Sequel

"The Man From Toronto" is a zany Netflix comedy about a man named Teddy (Kevin Hart) who just can't seem to catch a break. His no-contact boxing gym business (understandably) fails to get off the ground, his wife threatens to leave him, and he can't even rent an Airbnb without being mistaken for a deadly international assassin by the FBI. Woody Harrelson stars as the infamous Man From Toronto, and when the two meet up, a series of wacky hijinks ensue, which might surprise you — but maybe not if you're familiar with the work of the film's director.

Patrick Hughes has a long and storied career as a Hollywood director. He's enjoyed previous success pairing up big-name celebrities in crazy and unexpected situations, including films such as "The Hitman's Bodyguard," its sequel, and "The Expendables 3." The "Hitman" movies didn't score well with critics, but audiences loved them (according to Rotten Tomatoes). Unfortunately, ratings for the Hart/Harrelson buddy-assassin movie aren't quite as high. But that didn't stop Netflix Life from asking about future sequels and spinoffs in a recent interview.

Yes, Hughes is interested in exploring the storyline further

In that Netflix Life interview with Hughes, the director enthusiastically admits that he would love to do another project with the cast, specifically mentioning how the good chemistry was between himself and the main actors on set. When elaborating, he explained that "it was a lot of laughs when the camera wasn't rolling, and I certainly think it lends itself to further investigation about the relationship between these two." But will the film's lackluster reviews tank the director's chances of getting a sequel?

The movie only has a 5.7/10 on IMDb, with fans like Go_For_The_Juglar calling it another Netflix flop (to be fair, the film was originally produced by Sony and sold to Netflix before its scheduled theatrical debut). It's also getting panned by fans and critics on Rotten Tomatoes. But there were plenty of people like CdqWeb who loved the film, and over 400 Twitter users agreed. And out of all the IMDb reviews, there were plenty of fans offering glowing and effusive praise. 

Another complicating factor is the fact that Netflix is hemorrhaging subscribers right now (via Variety). Moviegoers on Reddit are blaming it on a "forgettable movies" problem, which includes but is certainly not limited to Hughes' film. So it's a coin toss as to whether Hughes will see his dream of a "The Man From Toronto" sequel come to light. You can settle the debate for yourself by checking out the movie on Netflix and coming to your own conclusion about whether you'd like more wacky hitman hijinks.