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Taika Waititi Casts Doubt On His Star Wars Project

Every time it seems Taika Waititi has reached the pinnacle of his career, he manages to surprise. After creating cult classic films such as "What We Do in the Shadows," the New Zealand native was tapped by Disney to direct "Thor: Ragnarok." He followed that smash success with multiple television shows — including the popular "What We Do in the Shadows" spin-off — along with the Oscar winning feature film "Jojo Rabbit." Now, he's returning to the MCU on July 8 with "Thor: Love and Thunder." As if that weren't enough, Waititi has also been picked to write and direct a new "Star Wars" movie.

However, even someone with a track record like Waititi's understands the pressure accompanying a "Star Wars" project. The franchise is beloved by millions, all of whom presumably want the best for it but many of whom have competing visions of what "the best" really looks like. One need look no further for proof of divergent fan expectations than a /Film poll about which "Star Wars" film is the worst that shows fans almost evenly split on which movie they dislike the most. As stewards of the valuable IP, Disney has a vested interest in appealing to the greatest possible number of moviegoers and fans.

It appears Waititi is feeling the great weight of those expectations as he embarks on the writing phase of his "Star Wars" film, and some of the filmmaker's recent comments suggest he's doubtful about its future.

Waititi seems unsure about the future of his Star Wars movie

In a profile on Taika Waititi for The New York Times, the filmmaker spoke tentatively about his progress on writing the new "Star Wars" movie he's been tasked with, seemingly unsure whether it will ever reach production. "I'm trying to write the 'Star Wars' idea at the moment," the director said. "I've got to see how that goes, because once I submit it, that might determine when it gets made or if it gets made, even." Those hedging words are sure to raise fans' eyebrows, as they appear to suggest Waititi isn't sure his script will be approved by the powers that be at Disney.

This isn't the first time Waititi has seemed unsure about his "Star Wars" project. In a recent interview with Good Morning America, the "Our Flag Means Death" star told the hosts, "With 'Star Wars,' you've got to really research everything and it's a lot of stuff to read. A lot of things to watch and read, and like, I don't know if I've got the time to do that." Waititi explained that, while still respecting the franchise's existing canon, he wants to switch things up with his take on "Star Wars." "This new 'Star Wars' film is going to be very different and ... it's going to change things. It's going to change what you guys know and what you expect."

Perhaps it's just nerves, or maybe Waititi is expecting a showdown with Disney over creative differences if they don't want to move forward with his creative vision. Then again, he's still early in the writing process, telling /Film he's been allowed to bring his signature tone to the film and that, ultimately, he's still "throwing everything at the wall right now."