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Hocus Pocus 2 Will Feature A Fan-Favorite Ted Lasso Star

The "Hocus Pocus 2" teaser trailer is finally here and fans can't wait to see the black flame candle lit once again. Now that we've got a glimpse at the Sanderson sister's highly anticipated return, we know a little bit more about the film. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy are back as Winnie, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson, a chaotic trio of witches who became synonymous with the Halloween season after their memorable introduction in the original 1993 film. The trailer features several callbacks to their first cinematic outing, including a black cat and Billy Butcherson's (Doug Jones) grave, while also teasing a brand new story that's sure to bring on a wave of nostalgia.

The original "Hocus Pocus" portrays the Sanderson sisters as animated and malevolent, if at times inept at navigating the modern world. The trio's ultimate goal was power and youth, which they siphoned from any unlucky children who stumbled into their path. However, it's been almost 30 years since they were defeated in the previous film, so perhaps the witchy sisters will have new ambitions in the sequel.

Unlike the first installment, which focused on a group of mortal children attempting to stop the sister's return to power, the sequel will see a group of young witches take on the Sanderson sisters. Along with a few of the original cast members, viewers can also expect to see a host of newcomers, including a mysterious character portrayed by a well-known "Ted Lasso" star.

Hannah Waddingham is set to appear as a witch

Although she's not shown in the trailer, "Ted Lasso" fans can look forward to seeing Hannah Waddingham, aka Rebecca Welton, in "Hocus Pocus 2." Waddingham's profile on Creative Artists Management lists her role in the film as simply "The Witch." While vague, the title is certainly intriguing. The question is: Will Waddingham be playing a good witch, or bad one? The trailer presents the concept that young witches get their powers on their 16th birthday, implying that the Sanderson sisters were never the only purveyors of magic in town. Just because Winnie, Sarah, and Mary are in the soul-stealing business doesn't necessarily mean that all witches are evil.

No matter the answer, Waddingham is well equipped to play the part. Also known for her stage performances, the actor previously starred as The Witch in the Regent's Park revival of "Into The Woods," as well as appearing as The Wicked Witch of the West in "The Wizard of Oz" (via Broadway World). Both roles allowed Waddingham to use her incredible singing voice, an ability she displays in Season 1 of "Ted Lasso." Considering the epic musical number the Sanderson sisters perform in the original film, it's possible that Waddingham will get a chance to show off her vocal talents. However her role fits into the narrative, Waddingham is sure to knock it out of the park. 

"Hocus Pocus 2" will be available to stream on Disney+ on September 30.