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1883's Faith Hill Offers Some Advice To Helen Mirren And Harrison Ford For The Upcoming 1923 Series

The "Yellowstone" universe is no stranger to big-name stars, with Emmy- and Oscar-winning actor Kevin Costner leading the seminal hit series to record-breaking heights on the Paramount Network for the past four seasons. Still, it was a bit of surprise when the modern-day Western released the prequel spin-off "1883" at the end of 2021 on Paramount+, including a laundry list of celebrities weaving through the show — from Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, and Sam Elliott making up the main cast to Tom Hanks and Billy Bob Thornton appearing in cameos.

Perhaps more shocking was that just a few months later, "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan doubled down on showing off the star power he could attract by announcing that legendary screen actors Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren would be starring in the "1883" sequel-slash-"Yellowstone"-prequel "1923," which will premiere on Paramount+ in December.

During a recent roundtable interview that included Looper, Faith Hill was on hand to celebrate the U.K. launch of Paramount+ — where "Yellowstone" and "1883" are now available — and offered a little bit of advice to Ford and Mirren on what to expect when stepping into the "Yellowstone" universe.

Hill hopes Ford and Mirren 'enjoy the journey'

Country superstar Faith Hill, who is married to "1883" co-star Tim McGraw, had limited acting experience prior to starring in the "Yellowstone" origin tale — with her biggest role being in 2004's "The Stepford Wives" remake starring Nicole Kidman. She humbly demurred when asked what advice she'd give high-profile "1923" stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, whose credits and accolades go back decades.

"What? You want me to give advice to Helen Mirren and Harrison Ford?" said Hill. "I cannot. 'Welcome,' that's what I would say. It's going to be quite a ride, and it'll be worth their time, for sure."

While little to no details have emerged about the "1923" storyline, it will presumably once again follow the Dutton family in a new era — post-"1883" and pre-"Yellowstone."

"I don't know the relation," said Hill. "I'm not sure what the story is going to be yet, so I can't really speak on that part. And I really have no advice ... Just enjoy the journey, which I'm pretty sure they're already doing."

When it comes to joining Taylor Sheridan's brand of storytelling, the series creator and writer is very hands-on and precise — and expects his actors to be too.

"'1883' was one of the hardest things that we've ever done, and one of the most rewarding," said Hill. "All of us felt that way. Everyone on set was remarkable, and the crew was phenomenal. [Ford and Mirren] are going to be in the best hands. It was hard work — and they're definitely not afraid of that. So ... they'll carry on the legacy. Again, I don't know what the story is going to be like, but it's the Dutton family. We're not boring, that's for sure."

Paramount+ is now available in the United Kingdom, where you can watch all available episodes of "Yellowstone" and "1883." Meanwhile, "1923" will premiere in December.