Toya Turner's Favorite Scene To Film In Netflix's Warrior Nun

"Warrior Nun" is earning its place in the already crowded marketplace of comic book adaptations. With the expansions of both the MCU and DCEU taking up so much of the conversation, it can be hard for an outside entity to make a real mark these days. However, the Netflix series seems to be attracting plenty of attention.

Based on the "Warrior Nun Aurelia" series by Ben Dunn, this Netflix adaptation follows Ava (Alba Baptista), a tetraplegic woman who miraculously regains control of her body after being embedded with a divine artifact. However, this physical reinvigoration comes at a cost. Ava is enlisted into the Order of the Cruciform Sword and sets out to do battle with demons, all while coming to terms with the new supernatural world she now inhabits and the strange people who populate it.

Part of the appeal of "Warrior Nun" is its morally complex world and its intriguing cast of characters. Among them is the fiercely loyal yet often rebellious Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner). While the actress is happy to play such a nuanced role, it's natural for fans to wonder what particular elements she's enjoyed about becoming the character.

Toya Turner loved her first scene with the Order

In an interview with ComicBook, Toya Turner highlighted the scene that introduces Shotgun Mary. "I don't know why, but for some reason that day, all of these feelings came pouring into me. And one, it might be because we were shooting together and everyone was on set and it was the costume. It was special that day. That day was really special."

Turner is referring to a scene that takes place early on in the series premiere where she carries the previous holder of the Warrior Nun title, Shannon (Melina Matthews), back to safety. Though Shotgun Mary and the rest of the team do get Shannon back to the church, she succumbs to her wounds shortly thereafter, leaving Ava to take on the role of Warrior Nun.

"And also Shannon was heavy on the knees. Not that she was heavy, but to carry her. I was like, 'Oh my God.' It was just so many things getting thrown at us but we had such a good time," Turner remembered. While action-heavy parts like the one in "Warrior Nun" often require intense physical training and exertion, it's nice to hear that Turner fell into her groove for the character so early on.

Turner also described the appeal of her character, citing a Twitter comment that called Shotgun Mary "the cool cousin that you want to show up to the cookout." The actress extrapolated further from this comment, saying that Shotgun Mary would likely be late to the event: "And then she ends up coming the last 30 minutes. She comes, she parties and then she bounces. Perfect."