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Selling Sunset Fans Just Got The Best Possible News

Who would have guessed that "Selling Sunset," a reality show chronicling the work lives of elite Los Angeles real estate agents, could garner such widespread popularity? In retrospect, it looks like the answer is pretty much everyone. Not only has the series been nominated for an Emmy for best unstructured reality program, but it also grabbed the golden popcorn for best docu-reality show at the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards. And Capricorns should take special note: it is the Netflix series we recommend based on your zodiac sign.

Awards aren't the only marker of the success of "Selling Sunset." The formula has apparently proved so watchable that it has already been spun off twice. We've already seen "Selling Tampa" hit the screen, and "Selling The OC" is scheduled to premiere on August 24, 2022. To the confident viewer, it would seem that the future of "Selling Sunset" is more or less golden.

Still, in this era of unpredictability in streaming, it seems fair to say that no show is truly safe. Or, at the very least, we don't know until we know. That said, fans of "Selling Sunset" just got some very good news.

Selling Sunset has been renewed for a sixth and seventh season

According to Variety, "Selling Sunset" has been renewed for not one but two additional seasons. This means more beautiful people, more beautiful houses, and more drama involving the beautiful people trying to sell the beautiful houses.

So, what could be in store for viewers? Expect to see the next chapter of Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim unfold on the show. The two have gone from coworkers and friends to secret lovers to public lovers, but plans for marriage and kids seem to have gotten them so tangled that they saw it best to simply cut it off. That being said, Jason's tears at the reunion show that he clearly still has deep feelings for Chrishell. We should likely expect these same feelings to play a role in Season 6.

Still unconfirmed is whether Christine Quinn will be returning for either of the upcoming seasons. She didn't attend the Season 5 reunion, though that was reportedly due to a positive COVID test, a claim Christine has doubled down on. However, Jason has already confirmed that she isn't currently working for the Oppenheim Group amidst a number of controversies (via Decider). Meanwhile, whether she'll be showing up to cause more discord on-screen remains an open question.