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The Netflix Original Series You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

According to Nielsen research, Netflix shows accounted for nine of the top ten most-streamed original series of 2020 (via The New York Times). Only "The Mandalorian" managed to put up any form of resistance in what was almost a clean sweep for Netflix. Rival streaming services have upped their games in the few years since, but Netflix is still churning out original shows. With a constant flow of releases, Netflix Originals have become the kind of content that users look forward to at the end of every week, as they await the opportunity to binge-watch their favorite shows in one go. But what are the reasons that some viewers are drawn to some series more than others?

The logical and most reasonable explanation is taste. However, there could be more to it than that. In fact, some people could identify with certain characters, storylines, and themes due to their star sign. So let's take a closer look at the Netflix Original series you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Stranger Things

"Stranger Things" is the ultimate love letter to the 1980s. Combining the magic of Steven Spielberg with the horror tones of John Carpenter and the sci-fi masterstrokes of Robert Zemeckis, it might appear like a smorgasbord of genres and influences, but it clicks. It's a creative, one-of-a-kind show that transcends conventional television wisdom, proving that there's still a space for innovative programming that isn't total cookie cutter.

Trail-blazing is a quality that's synonymous with an Aries, too, as per Zodiac Fire. An Aries doesn't like to conform to the norm, instead seeking out a radical path of creativity and transformation. One will never find an Aries doing what others do simply because it's the expected thing. They would rather break new ground and become the leaders of the next revolution, choosing to value originality over maintaining the status quo. Sounds a lot like what "Stranger Things" did for Netflix when it arrived in 2016.

Taurus: The Witcher

When Netflix revealed that it was adapting "The Witcher" for the small screen, many fans presumed it was the streaming giant's attempt at creating its own "Game of Thrones." However, this fantasy show is carving out its own niche with a character who is equally as memorable as he is memeable. Played by Henry Cavill (who is "a huge fan" of the video games and books, showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich told Looper), Geralt of Rivia is a monster hunter who grunts and swears a lot as he gets pulled into everyone else's drama.

While the most famous song from the show might be "Toss a Coin to Your Witcher," don't throw anything at a Taurus, because they might just chuck it right back. As per InStyle, this star sign is noted for being stubborn and stuck in their ways, much like Geralt. Even if another path is simpler and easier to travel, a Taurus will stick to the original plan since that was the route they chose. That said, when reliability and dependability are required, no one embodies these characteristics more. Again, a lot like Geralt.

Gemini: BoJack Horseman

Netflix didn't horse around with "BoJack Horseman," an animated series that viewers thought would be the new "Family Guy" but emerged as a unique hit. It's the story of an anthropomorphic horse who used to be a famous television star and experiences an existential crisis that takes him down a path of healing and self-discovery. For the most part, the show is a hilarious representation of Hollywood ego and how removed it is from reality, while other times it's genuinely sad as it exposes what a lifetime of inauthenticity and trauma can do to someone. Whichever way, "BoJack Horseman" remains a clever and relevant series to whomever needs it, making it one of the best Netflix Original series of all time.

It's the type of show that would appeal to a Gemini, since this is the zodiac sign that appreciates intelligence, curiosity, and quirkiness, as per Allure. Geminis are one of the most misunderstood astrological signs due to their tendency to be the center of attention. While they crave social interaction, it's mostly because they appreciate the closeness it brings to other people.

Cancer: The Haunting of Hill House

Mike Flanagan's "The Haunting of Hill House" isn't simply a paranormal horror story that's designed to frighten. The Netflix series, which is an adaptation of Shirley Jackson's novel, is a tale about love, devotion, and the complexity of family. It is an unflinching exploration of what grief and heartache can do to people, as the ghosts of the past haunt the present. It's a show where the hidden details we don't see are just as important as what is shown on screen.

According to InStyle, a Cancer is one of the star signs most prone to the feelings of the heart. They're normally sensitive individuals who hold an immense capacity to love and nurture those around them. Since they're protective and will do their utmost for the people they care for, it's easy for them to become haunted by tragedies of the past and lost loves, much like the Crain family in "The Haunting of Hill House."

Leo: Cobra Kai

What happens when two former karate rivals have a midlife crisis? They start rival karate schools and pull a bunch of kids into their petty teenage battle about who really won a tournament in 1984. Don't let this blunt assessment of the plot of "Cobra Kai" put you off, however. This "Karate Kid" sequel series is incredibly fun and encapsulates everything that made the original trilogy such a hit in the first place. It doesn't just sweep the leg, it sweeps us right off our feet with its unwavering charm.

Since Leo's symbol is the lion, it's no surprise that this star sign embodies all the hallmarks of the king of the jungle. A Leo is not only fierce and highly loyal to their pack, but they also love the pomp and circumstance that comes along with it, according to Allure. There are a lot of powerful characters in "Cobra Kai," and many of them aren't afraid to show you just how strong they are, for better or for worse.

Virgo: GLOW

The world of wrestling is a wacky and unconventional place filled with the quirkiest characters and most outrageous storylines. In 1985, though, it was even more over the top and outlandish. The fictionalized "GLOW" is a show about the real Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling promotion, which appeared on the scene and took gimmicks to the next level. This series is funny, surreal, and sometimes heartbreaking, as the audience watches a group of ambitious and industrious female pro wrestlers try to make it in the wrestling game, which has been dominated by men for years.

Like the characters on "GLOW," a Virgo knows the value of hard work and persistence, as per PrepScholar. They'll do a headlock a thousand times if it means they get it right in the end. This zodiac sign also understands the importance of creativity in all they do. So that headlock from before? A Virgo will perfect the headlock before adding a little bit more spice and transitioning it into a bulldog off the second rope. Don't ever bet against this star sign since they have the necessary combination of determination and grit to succeed.

Libra: Fuller House

"Whatever happened to predictability?" The moment that line kicks in, a comfort washes over the viewer as a new episode of "Fuller House" is about to begin. Much like its parent series, "Full House," there's a cozy and appealing quality to this sitcom, which follows the next generation living at the Tanner household. The Netflix series was never made with the intention to shock us with an unexpected twist or surprise reveal, but it's a little bit like pizza in the sense that no slice ever tastes bad (yes, even the ones with pineapple).

As per Mind Body Green, Libras aren't often the most daring or adventurous of people. They love the comforts and harmony that they have created in their lives. On a similar note, Libras are known for being famously indecisive. Thinking of trying a new restaurant or takeaway place? Don't ask a Libra to pick! Maybe that's why they'd enjoy a series like "Fuller House," since viewers know exactly what they're getting every time they stream it.

Scorpio: Squid Game

Years ago, people presumed that "Wipeout" was the most fearsome reality competition around. Not only were the challenges grueling, but they were also unforgiving if the contestants failed. Those padded arms of the obstacle course sent many people home with more than a few bruises and aching ribs. Then, "Squid Game" dropped on Netflix. While it is obviously a fictional story, it shows the extent that some people will go to in order to win a cash prize.

According to The Times of India, a Scorpio is well known for being the star sign that isn't afraid of high stakes or risk. These individuals can be merciless if the occasion demands it, as they possess courage and nerves of steel in the toughest situations. In many ways, they're exactly like the scorpion in the symbol: Lethal and dangerous if they need to survive. Plus, they aren't afraid to keep a secret or two from others, especially if it works in their favor.

Sagittarius: Grace and Frankie

Nobody predicted that "Grace and Frankie" would last as long as seven seasons on Netflix, where so many shows seem to get the axe prematurely. That said, the main reason for the show's success is clear. While Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda put in critically acclaimed performances (the show has a 90% critical approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes), its the powerful themes of optimism and honesty that really resonate with audiences. The comedy proves that people can change and grudges don't need to last forever, particularly in the case of Grace and Frankie, who became the unlikeliest of friends.

Those two themes happen to be core elements of a Sagittarius' personality as well, according to PureWow. This zodiac sign is also known for being a joker and holding the uncanny ability to crack a smile or elicit laughter from the people around them. At the same time, they also read like an open book. No one has to wonder where they stand with a Sagittarius since they make sure that their intentions are crystal clear from the start.

Capricorn: Selling Sunset

Hustle and bustle. Those are the two words that best describe "Selling Sunset," Netflix's show about a group of real estate agents selling property to the upper echelons of Los Angeles. The series peels back the curtain of the glitz and glamor as the audience discovers the inner workings of the elite real estate market and the dramatic lives of the people who make it all possible. What's instantly obvious is that there's hardly a distinction between their personal and professional lives, as numerous lines are blurred and crossed on "Selling Sunset."

Capricorns are known for being at the forefront of the hustle, as per Well+Good. They are extremely dedicated and driven, often being the architects of their own success in the business world. Due to their slave-to-the-grind mentality, however, they might struggle to keep a check on other aspects of their lives or to balance relationships. Their unrelenting determination to succeed can upset others who might not share the same drive or dreams.

Aquarius: Mindhunter

"Mindhunter" takes us deep into the dark psyche of serial killers and obsession. It examines what made these people commit their heinous crimes and it showcases one of the more important developments in criminal psychology. While it is a fictionalized account of how the Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI was formed, it is still a riveting, intelligent, and thought-provoking series that regularly has viewers glued to their screens.

An Aquarius also prides themselves on their inquisitive and curious ways, as per Cosmopolitan. These are the kind of people who go into psychology, technology, and science as they're fascinated by what happens in the world around them and they're hungry to find out more about how things work. A conversation with an Aquarius will always be equally fascinating and captivating, as they love to discuss their latest findings on their favorite topics and interests. More often than not, they love connecting with others who share their same interests and they can geek out over the facts together.

Pisces: Sweet Tooth

Based on the dark fantasy comic book series by Jeff Lemire, "Sweet Tooth" centers on the adventures of Gus, a human-deer hybrid looking for a place in a world that doesn't know what to do with him. Some people hate him for what he is, while others want to experiment on him. Despite the cruelty of humankind towards him, he is simply a child who remains fascinated by the endless wonders around him. He just wants to feel like he belongs.

A show like "Sweet Tooth" will strongly resonate with people who love emotional stories and genuinely feel for Gus' predicament. The ability to empathize is a quality most associated with a Pisces, as per Co-Star Astrology. These individuals sense their way through the world and get lost in their own sentiments. It should come as no surprise that Pisces are often prone to being dreamers and living in fantasy worlds as well, since they do have the habit of being caught up in their own thoughts. If that isn't a perfect description of Gus, we don't know what is.