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American Pickers Paid Less Than You'd Think For A 1934 Harley-Davidson

In 2010, History introduced audiences to a way they could get close to pieces of American heritage and also get a little dirt on themselves in the process. Or at least they could watch someone else do it. "American Pickers" is a show about the hidden treasure scattered throughout rural America. Prior to their highly-publicized feud, the series' hosts, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, drove the backroads of America in search of long-lost relics of America's past. All sorts of items — from old soda machines to classic children's toys to the occasional vehicle — appear on the show and catch the Pickers' fancy. The stories behind these rare finds are enough to excite any history buff.

The prices of these items range from pennies on the dollar to surprisingly hefty price tags depending on condition, rarity, demand, and various other factors. Sometimes, however, the price the Pickers pay for an item isn't what viewers expect. Things that seem like they'd be worth hardly anything prove to be the opposite, while other times, the guys pay a lot less for something than most would think. Such was the case with a 1934 Harley-Davidson that Wolfe and Fritz quite literally dug out of a shed in Season 10 of "American Pickers."

Frank and Mike pay less than what bikes of its kind have gone for in the past

One of the best finds in Season 10 episode of "American Pickers" comes when Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz follow the trail of possibility after catching word that someone in rural Oklahoma may have a motorcycle that seemingly once belonged to the legendary outlaw couple, Bonnie and Clyde, which is partially true. There is a bike in the episode belonging to a couple named Bonnie and Clyde. However, those turned out to be the first names of the couple who owned a 1934 Harley-Davidson, and their last names weren't Parker and Barrow, respectively.

Regardless of the bike's past, Wolfe and Fritz are jazzed and waste no time digging it out of the owner's shed to have a look. When the lime-green motorcycle, complete with a sidecar, is finally rolled out with just a little chaos involved, the real negotiations begin. Fritz and Bonnie begin talking money and reveal that bikes of this kind have drawn $15,000 or more in the past. Fritz, however, points out some of the flaws in the bike, like the fact that it doesn't run or have a title. Ultimately, the pair settle on $11,200 for the 1934 Harley.

While the dollar amount might be a slight shock, it isn't surprising that the Pickers bought the bike as they have a soft spot for motorcycles. In an interview with Road Dirt, Wolfe explained just how passionate they are about bikes. "Our biggest passion is old motorcycles. Frank, man, he had a full beard and a Harley by the time he was in the 9th grade."

There's no doubt that the old Harley got some new life breathed into it after years of being tucked away in Oklahoma. You can watch the full clip from the episode on YouTube.