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The Best Find On American Pickers Season 10

Part of the appeal of "American Pickers" is that you never know what the gang will come across in their next excursion. They could stumble upon a bunch of junk that isn't worth the gas money, or they could find untold treasures just lounging in someone's shed. From vintage vehicles to rusty toys, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz stumbled upon plenty of great stuff over the years, and there's no doubt reselling a bunch of these items has led to a pretty penny for their respective shops. 

Over the years, the "American Pickers" team has come across all sorts of eclectic items. Even when they can't manage to make a deal on something, sometimes just being in the same room as a rare item is an honor in and of itself. That was the case with a particular Season 10 episode that didn't result in a deal but led to Wolfe and Fritz seeing something they probably thought they would never get a chance to lay eyes on.

The pickers stumbled upon an incredibly rare motorcycle in Season 10

After watching a few episodes of "American Pickers," it becomes readily apparent that Mike Wolfe is a motorcycle guy through and through. He loves vintage bikes, so anytime he gets to check out an older model, he's ecstatic. It resulted in arguably the best find in all of Season 10 when he and Frank Fritz traveled to London to see what they could come across. In their journey, they found a man with a garage full of antiques, including a Turner Byvan motorcycle in the episode "London Calling."

The owner mentions how only four of them were made, and this is one of them. It's an incredible moment because there's little doubt Wolfe and Fritz even knew this kind of bike existed, let alone they would get a chance to see one in person. The clip of the moment is found on YouTube, and you can't help but feel excited right alongside Wolfe as he's as giddy as possible. He even tries to make a deal on it, but the owner won't budge. Wolfe goes as high as offering 25,000 pounds, but it's a non-starter.

The seller just can't depart with the bike, so Wolfe and Fritz walk away. Still, getting the chance to see such a specimen was no doubt exciting and probably made the trip to London worth it with that excursion alone.