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Matt Lintz Dishes What He Learned From Daniel Brühl On The Alienist That He Brought To Ms. Marvel - Exclusive

"Ms. Marvel" actor Matt Lintz is no stranger to the spotlight. Before he snagged the role as one of Kamala Khan's (Iman Vellani) best friends — Bruno — the actor had a slew of credits to his name. Lintz appeared in projects like "The Walking Dead," "The Alienist," and "Pixels" before joining the "Ms. Marvel" cast. Of course, his work on these big projects helped prepare him for joining the MCU. Additionally, "The Alienist" also gave him the opportunity to work with Zemo actor Daniel Brühl. 

While a team-up (or showdown) between Bruno and "Captain America" villain Zemo is pretty unlikely, it's still fun to think about the possibilities. And hey, if Wilson Fisk can crash "Hawkeye," who knows what the future holds for MCU fan favorites and the expansive slate of MCU Disney+ shows and upcoming movies?

During an exclusive interview with Looper, Matt Lintz revealed how his major roles prepared him for his work on "Ms. Marvel," what it was like working with Daniel Brühl in "The Alienist," and whether or not he'd like to see Bruno hang out with Zemo.

Learning from Daniel Brühl

On the most significant differences between working on projects like "The Walking Dead" and "The Alienist" compared to "Ms. Marvel," Matt Lintz said, "Working on those [shows] was great, and recently [with] 'Walking Dead,' it's like a well-oiled machine. A bunch of the actors gave me a lot of advice, to stay confident, be who you are, and all that type of stuff. They encouraged me."

There's also a significant amount of crossover between "The Walking Dead" and MCU actors, Lintz pointed out. "So many 'Walking Dead' actors have been in the Marvel universe now, which is so cool. I was just talking to Ross Marquand, who played Red Skull. But the difference with Marvel is, it's Marvel. It's the biggest." There's certainly nothing quite like landing a gig in the MCU. Lintz added, "Having the opportunity and the chance to work with such creative minds and creative artists is something that I will never forget, and I'm extremely blessed."

At the mention of Lintz acting alongside Zemo actor Daniel Brühl in "The Alienist," he confirmed he did — and he's hoping that Bruno somehow gets to interact with Zemo at some point as well. 

"I would love it. I learned so much from him because we did 'The Alienist' together, and we filmed that in Hungary," Lintz said. "Being able to be in scenes with him and see not only how he operates during scenes and how invested he is in the character, but also — when we're in between takes and he's thinking about stuff — it was really cool to analyze him. I learned a lot from him." Fingers crossed for some kind of Zemo and Bruno team-up (or takedown).

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