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Why Attack On Titan Fans Agree The Second-Strongest Character Was Lost Way Too Soon

Needless to say, an anime as exciting and popular as "Attack on Titan" is a rare breed. Set in a world where humanity is penned off like livestock and their only defense is a set of gigantic walls, the hit series imagines a world where humanity is no longer the apex predator but simply food for it. 

As massive giants break the wall and force the humans to fight back, the show follows Eren Jaeger (Yuki Kaji/Bryce Papenbrook) and his friends as they join the Scout Corps and go beyond the walled city in hopes of unraveling the mystery of the origin of the titans. Led by stalwart soldiers like Commander Ervin (Daisuke Ono/J. Michael Tatum) and titan-killing machines like Levi Ackerman (Hiroshi Kamiya/Matthew Mercer), the new recruits must eliminate the titan threat if they're ever going to be free. 

However, despite many fans' obvious love for the franchise, it is not without its occasional faults. In fact, there is even one part of "Attack on Titan" that fans find frustrating. Interestingly, some fans also think that one of the show's best and brightest characters was lost to the cause far too early.

Fans think Miche Zacharius died too soon

According to Fandom, Miche Zacharius (Kenta Miyake/Jason Douglas) is the second-best soldier in all of the Scout Corps. That's why it's such a shock to see him snuffed out unceremoniously in the Season 2 premiere of "Attack on Titan." Investigating the appearance of titans within the walls, Miche kills several titans before the Beast Titan shows up to challenge him.

It's a matter that fans still discuss in the r/attackontitan subreddit. In their hugely popular thread, u/LabibFaiyad posted a meme of the show comparing Levi and Miche with the comment: "My man deserved more screentime." Others were quick to jump in and point out how unfair the battle Miche found himself in really was. 

"He honestly had an unfair fight, had so many unanswered questions during it that he was too shocked to think logically," read the top-voted comment by u/kevinkevin17. The user is referring to the fact that Miche had no idea the Beast Titan even existed and was further bewildered by its abilities to speak, hurl projectiles, and control other titans. Even with all of his training and his high titan kill count, Miche was simply no match for the Beast Titan.

Other users wondered why no one ever mentioned Miche again. "You know what upset me more than his death? The fact that it wasn't spoken of or mentioned by any of the other characters after it happened," said u/DownVoteYouAll. It's an understandable sentiment and one clearly shared by other fans of the hit anime.