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Every Assassination Classroom Filler Episode You Can Skip According To Fans

Picture this – What if Cthulhu had a little brother who liked to teach junior high in his off hours between ending civilizations and shattering celestial bodies? Children are, after all, the future, even if a smiley-faced octopus demon is actively taking strides to shorten the duration of that particular timeline. By the way, that's not just a bizarre thought experiment ... that's most of the setup for "Assassination Classroom," an anime (because of course it's an anime) that aired back in the 2010s. Based on a manga of the same name, "Assassination Classroom" saw Koro-sensei balance a passion for education with a lust for global destruction. Hilariously, the students under his tutelage genuinely improve their grades, which is the primary reason they feel reluctant to kill him. Oh yeah, that's where the "assassination" aspect comes in.

Now, this particular anime has long ended, and it managed to cram 21 volumes of manga into two seasons of television. Obviously there were a few edits made during the transition between mediums. For the anime purists out there who want to enjoy their television exactly the same way they enjoy their manga, here's how to watch "Assassination Classroom" without any of the new filler content.

Assassination Classroom is ALMOST filler free

According to the website Anime Filler List, "Assassination Classroom" holds a unique honor in that it is, apparently, 0% percent filler. Well, 0% of the episodes are whole cloth filler, at least. Per the site's rules, there are more categories than simply canonical and filler – AFL also differentiates between episodes that are canonical to the source manga and episodes that are canonical to the anime. Lastly, AFL's final category is for episodes that are a mixture of both canonical and filler content. It is in this last category that "Assassination Classroom" finds a single episode sitting pretty.

Episode 5, "Assembly Time," is the aforementioned singular episode that isn't entirely canonical. Here's what happens – the plot is separated into two primary arcs. The first arc follows Manami Okuda (a student trying to kill her technically evil teacher) and Koro-sensei (the technically evil teacher) as the latter teaches the former confidence and communication. All while, Koro-sensei is deceiving Manami Okuda into thinking that her chemistry knowledge is being used to poison him, instead of making him stronger ... listen, it's a weird show. The second arc follows the rest of E-Class – of which Okuda is a member – suffering while the principal reveals that their horrible education conditions are intentionally designed so that the students not in E-Class see what failure looks like, and thusly strive to greater heights.

So, is it still worth watching? Absolutely. There are only two seasons in total, comprised of 47 episodes, anyway. Might as well enjoy the content that's there, because there won't be any more.