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The Ending Of Assassination Classroom Explained

School can be such a drag. The constant stream of homework, hallways, and soulless administration is enough to make any student want to kill their educational authority figures. When it comes to the students in "Assassination Classroom," however, wanting to kill your teacher isn't just a fantasy, it's a requirement.

After a freaky-looking tentacle monster blows a hefty chunk off of the moon, the students of Kunugigaoka Jr. High Class 3-E are shocked to find that said yellow tentacle monster is suddenly their new teacher. On top of that, the government has tasked them all with assassinating the monster, now dubbed Koro-Sensei, within a year's time. Otherwise, he plans on blowing up the planet as well. Any student who succeeds in their assassination receives billions of Yen as a reward. The only problem is that Koro-Sensei is both too strong and ultimately too helpful to kill. Evidently it's hard to follow through on murder when your target is also helping you pass that science midterm.

Fast forward through around 50 episodes of humorous mayhem and attempted murder, and one year has finally passed for Koro-Sensei and his students. Together, they have collectively conquered competing assassins, uncovered Koro's tragic backstory, and even passed their final exams. And now that the ending of their "Assassination Classroom" is upon them, Class 3-E has to grow up and put the final nail in their favorite teacher's coffin.

All things must end, but should they really Kill Koro-Sensei?

A lot has happened to Class 3-E over the past year. At the very end of those 365 days, though, they collectively stood in a very precarious position. His past as an ex-human assassin revealed, Koro-Sensei had just managed to save his students from the wrath of both his assassin protege and the scientist who transformed him into his current tentacled-state. However, the battle left him weak, and extremely vulnerable to the government's Koro-killing space laser far above. Knowing that his time has come, Koro-Sensei allows his students to hold him down, and allows Nagisa to deliver the killing blow.

However, it's clear that Class 3-E just doesn't want to do it. Over the past year, Koro-Sensei's teachings have helped them grow not only as students, but as people. Even so, every single one of them recognizes that Koro-Sensei has to go. But it's not all bad, the fact that this was just one more of his many tests means that even now, the class is making their Sensei proud.

Koro-Sensei may be dead, but his legacy lives on with his students

However, just because Koro-Sensei is dead doesn't mean he is done teaching them. Returning to their dilapidated classroom, the class finds that their teacher has left them all with a hefty guidebook to life. With his advice to help them through the rest of their lives, the last two episodes of "Assassination Classroom" show what happens to 3-E after Koro-Sensei dies.

Each student, in their own way, has fulfilled their potential and become promising young adults. Kaede in particular has become a famous TV actress, in part due to the training she received in school. Likewise, Nagisa has followed in Koro-Sensei's footsteps, becoming another teacher who revels in allowing his delinquent students to take their best shot at him. 

And it is here that Nagisa displays the most important lessons taught by Koro-Sensei – to face the world with courage and enthusiasm no matter how strange or dire things seem. When your students threaten to kill you, why not make it a challenge for them? The task might help them grow in ways they could never imagine. In time, they might even hail their hated teacher as their greatest mentor.